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Boost Your Sales Using Discount Coupons & Promo Codes Effectively


At every online store, the business owner wants more sales through online stores because selling products online can give more revenue when shipments increases. To achieve the goal of higher sales business owners and webmasters rely on different marketing strategies like getting higher rankings in Google by SEO, promoting products on social media and using promo codes or discount offers. Though SEO and Social Media Marketing are both effective ways to boost your sales but if you use the promo codes and discount offers properly and intelligently, you can get much better sales which could be almost 3 to 4 times higher than the regular sales.

Here are the few tips how you can increase your sales using Promo codes and discount offers:

  • Offer Percentage Discount: When you offer a discount with a percentage for a limited time, it might attract a customer to place an order for that specific product. For example, if I am interested in buying a web hosting and I have a plan to buy that hosting during next few days after comparing prices from different hosting providers, but in the meantime I landed on a hosting provider’s page who is offering 25% or 30% discount for next few hours, I might consider to buy that plan to avail the 30% or even more discount without thinking that I need to compare the rates for different plans in coming few days. In this way, the hosting provider gets an extra customer just because they are offering percentage discount.
  • Offer Dollar Value Discount: Usually, when I go shopping on AliExpress, different sellers offer dollar value discount for their products. Like I can get $5 off or I can get $5 or $10 credit if I place an order of $50 or above. If I select the two different products for my iPhone 6, which might be the iPhone 6 case, and the total price of both cases is somewhere around 45$. Before I finalize my order I will see that seller is offering a discount of $5 for ordering 50$ or above, I will search for another product on the same store which is in range of 10$ to 15$ in price. Though in normal case I wouldn’t order that product, but just to avail $5 or $10 discount, I will select another product to avail that offers. The reason behind this decision is a thinking that if I don’t select another product, I might lose the opportunity to save $5. So this thinking will be good for both, the customers and the store owner. According to a study, dollar value discount provides 175% better sales as compared to percentage discount.

  • Free Shipping or Free Gifts: This is another good way to get the attention of your customers. Using this method you can target your loyal customers and offer them free shipping on their next order. If you are already offering free shipping to all your customers then you can offer them some surprised free gifts when they place their next order. This can be achieved by sending emails to targeted email addresses of loyal customers. You can check how this online store offered different promo codes in different ways to get customer’s attention.
  • Offer Discount Coupons on Special Events: On special events, you can get many new customers as people love to place online orders on these special events as they knew that all good online stores offer special discounts on these events. For example, Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals, you can send these coupon codes to your existing customers using their email addresses and encourage them to place an order on this special event to get an extra discount.

These are some good tips on how to increase the sales through the online store using special discount offers and promo codes.

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