Latest Mobile Phones Reviews

Huawei Ascend G700

Huawei Ascend G700, Affordable Device With Good Specs

Feb 28 2014, 17:13. Huawei. Ascend G700
The Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, has just unveiled the Huawei Ascend G700 smartphone that has amazing features, elegant design and will surely give you the complete value of your money. Considering its specs and price, this de...

Huawei Ascend Y511

Huawei Ascend Y511 Review

Feb 13 2014, 5:22. Huawei. Ascend Y511
Introduction In the recent time, smartphone industry has been swarmed by the devices of Q-Mobile and Samsung, making it affordable for everyone to buy these devices. These two mobile phone companies are no doubt growing at ...

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

Dec 31 2013, 14:46. Nokia. Lumia 1520
The addition of Nokia Lumia 1520 to the premium Lumia smartphones series is no doubt doing great in the market. Before a couple of years, Nokia was having trouble with the decline in sales of their smartphones as their devices ...

Asus Google Nexus 7 2

Google Nexus 7 2013: The Tablet of the Next Generation

Jul 31 2013, 17:21. Asus. Google Nexus 7 2
Google Nexus 7, which arrived last year, turned out to be outstanding in the Android market in many ways. The foremost advantage of this android device is that it fits exactly in the budget. Prior to its launch, inexpensive and...

Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z: The Good, The Bad, and The Best

Feb 14 2013, 4:21. Sony. Xperia Z
Introduction and Features With the current proliferation of smartphones, Apple iPhone 5, HTC Droid, and Samsung Galaxy III are becoming household names. Check people’s pockets, and there is a large chance that you wi...

Sony Xperia J

Sony Xperia J Review

Dec 31 2012, 12:48. Sony. Xperia J
Introduction Sony has continued its tradition of coming up with outclass appearance cellphone with the introduction of Xperia J. The middle and lower tier of Sony’s customers have been waiting for a smart phone, which...

Apple iPhone 5

Apple - iPhone 5 - The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever

Nov 24 2012, 9:22. Apple. iPhone 5
Brief Introduction The most anticipating Apple flagship iphone 5 is unleashed, which is not only thinner and lighter but much faster in operation and simple to perform. The announcement of unveiling was made in September as...

Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Be Inspired By The Extravagant Samsung Galaxy SIII!

Aug 16 2012, 4:34. Samsung. Galaxy S3 I9300
Brief Introduction State of the art Galaxy SIII, launched by a prestigious multinational conglomerate company Samsung, was a much anticipated smart phone. However, with the company’s extravagant launch of Samsung Gala...



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