Google Nexus 7 2013: The Tablet of the Next Generation



Google Nexus 7, which arrived last year, turned out to be outstanding in the Android market in many ways. The foremost advantage of this android device is that it fits exactly in the budget. Prior to its launch, inexpensive android tablets, from non-famous companies and with unconventional model names, were available in the market. Sincerely speaking, no one till then had created android tablets that could be regarded no more than dirt and people failed to get something more intense and insightful. Nexus 7 apparently fulfilled public expectations from Android tablets.


The public was not only inspired by the low cost of Nexus 7, but the package included some very good hardware under the hood which made every dollar of the consumer worthy to buy it. After a year in 2013, we have witnessed its next generation- the Google Nexus 7 II. The Google Nexus 7 II price is not very expensive from affordability point because the device consists of much better improvements than earlier models and is exactly according to the prospects of the public. The latest version of Android- the jelly bean 4.3 is available in the tablet which has further made it valuable. We can declare that it is becoming a market hit, but the question is will Google Nexus 7 II be able to keep up its standards among others in the market or not in future? The features can surely give the answer.






Google Nexus 7 II consists of all the traits that can exist in an unbeaten device. The main feature is that it is thinner up to 0.34” and it is also lighter in weight about 10.55 oz which makes it easier to hold with a single hand. The design is not entirely different from other devices as it is manufactured on the same design pattern as made previously. It has the same tapering edges, the same smooth touch back casing and the thinner left/right bezels. Though Google Nexus 7 II design does not show off as the iPad mini but its modern design has its own attraction.

With a simple design and all other stuff in it, the device fascia is quiet clean in appearance because the standard sets of Android capacitive buttons are built in the line. There is only a single LED light which throbs in white whenever there is a notification. A camera of 1.2 mega pixel is embedded in the façade of the device at an offset position near the upper right corner and allows about 720 videos to be recorded.

Like the previous device, the right side of the tablet accommodates space for the power on/off button and volume control, giving a better feel then before. Moreover, the microphone is also present next to them on the same side. On the upper side, the only thing is 3.5 mm headphone jack and the micro USB port that is present oppositely on the bottom side. There is a pair of speakers with each one placed on the top and the bottom edges of the tablet.  Furthermore, the new Nexus 7 II is equipped with a 5 mega pixel auto focus camera on back side which has the ability to record videos in 1080 p.




Nexus-7-2013    Nexux 7 II



The display is attractive as anything in the world could be. The LCD display measures about 7 inches with dimensions of 1920 x 1200 IPS. An incredible 323 ppi pixel density further intensifies the display. With a clear and defined appearance, the text in the web browser displays very sharply from the normal viewing distance. All together, the sharp brightness, balanced color contrast, and self-effacing viewing angles assist to make it a luscious device. Moreover, the visibility does not change that much under the sun. 

Nexus 7 2013    


mobilefun.pkIntegrations and Functionality

The all new Nexus 7 II gives its users a vanilla Android 4.3 Jelly Bean familiarity that has never been experienced before in any version of Android. There are some noticeable latest additions that have further expanded the tablet’s functionality only by a small fraction. Just as expected, the tablet gives an excessive personalized experience to the user although there is not anything new in the visuals aspect, apart from few built in stationary wall papers that we haven’t seen earlier.  

If you are searching for some novel features in the tablet’s platform which are found to be more practical than others, then most of them are surreptitiously relegated. Some of the new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean features are: 

Controlled profiles: Previously, we have been thrilled as there was a multi-user support instilled in Android tablets but now the 4.3 gives us controlled profiles. This is extremely beneficial if the tablet is used by everyone in your house. You have the authority to specify that ‘what apps’ can be accessed by each member of your family. So, when the people of your family will ‘login ‘they will be automatically permitted to use only those applications as set by the admin. 

Bluetooth Smart Ready: It is designed for those who utilize less energy Bluetooth accessories, for example, heart rate monitors that use Android 4.3 Jelly Bean have effective compatibility to run with 4.3 Jelly Bean incorporated tablets. Therefore, Nexus 7 II is a great privilege for those using devices that belong to this category.  

Wireless Display: If you like to watch videos on YouTube, then this wireless display in Android 4.3 can broadcast your favorite movie on the big screen in your living room but your TV set must support Miracast for this. 

Location Sensitive with Ever Ready Wi-Fi Scanning: This feature permits the devices using Android 4.3 to receive the location information inertly even when the Wi-Fi is turned off by the owner. If the Wi-Fi scanning is always on, then the data to the apps is uninterruptedly provided without exhausting the battery. 

Enhanced 3D Graphics: This feature is especially attractive for gamers because Android 4.3 takes support from the Open GL ES 3.0. Now mainly those games will be incorporated more which utilize accelerated 3D graphics to gain more photorealism as compared previously. 

Virtual Surround Sound: The device is equipped with two speakers which demand for a stereo support and surround sound experience. 


gaming on nexus 7 2013

mobilefun.pkMessaging Options

Google Nexus 7 II consists of the same old on screen Google Keyboard with the same layout as found previously. The responsiveness of the keyboard is much enhanced and the landscaping options are also a little bit more confined to give our fingers the support for natural typing positions. Other standard e-mail apps and the common Gmail are there to fulfill your emailing require1ments. 


Nothing new is found in Google Nexus 7 II regarding the organizer segment as compared to the previous models that could astound us. Most of the organizer apps revolve around delivering the data that is related to our daily lives.

mobilefun.pkProcessor and Memory

Nexus 7 II is operational with quad core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, and also equipped with 2 GB of RAM and the very famous Adreno 320 GPU. All these characteristics makes its performance certainly gallop at a fast pace and making it a sure powerful device to use. Although, the bench marks are not able to justify its performance completely but its real world performance speaks up for itself. The internal memory is doubled from last year and is approximately initiating at 16 GB. 
nexus 7 2 processor

mobilefun.pkInternet and Connectivity Options

The high resolution display and the quick performance when amalgamated together makes it stand apart in the web surfing arena. It consists of Google Chrome and is capable to give fast page uploads via the Wi-Fi, immediate representation on the fly, and highly controllable navigational tools.


No novel approaches have been made to equip the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean camera interface. The functionality, user interface and other features are exactly the same as the previous models. The device does not give very broad options with the shooting modes except that the new feature of ‘photospheres’ is added in it.  
The interesting feature is the 5 mega pixel rear auto focus camera. It gives striking results when used outdoors in lots of sunlight. The details are though average but good enough to use the pictures as 6” x 4” printouts. In lowered lights, the pictures seem to be washed out.  
The tablet produces the same results when the 1080p video recording option is used. The device seems to be good if there are no other options for shooting videos. 
Google Nexus 7 2 Camera Sample Results    Google Nexus 7 2 Camera Sample Result    Nexus 7 2 camera results
Nexus 7 2 Camera Results    google nexus 7 2 camera result
Google Nexus 7 2 Camera result    Google nexus 7 2 camera result    Google nexus 7 2 camera result
Low Light                                          Medium Light                                     Strong Light


All together, the multimedia apps and the music player are not very much different from the previous models. One feature is that Nexus 7 II does not support the videos that are programmed in DivX and Xvid. Other than that, it can play H.264 and MPEG-4 videos without any mess up. Although it does not consist of extensive functionality as compared to other tablets, yet it has the capability to gain focus of the person who is watching the video.   


The surprising fact is that this Google Nexus 7 II consists of a lower capacity battery as compared to its antecedent model. The numbers are reduced from 4325 mAh battery to 3950 mAh battery. There is no need to fret as the battery is still capable to last 2.5 days when the brightness is set to the automatic mode.


Google Nexus 7 2 ranks at the top in the market among its competitors. Indeed a little bit of soaring price of the device as compared to its earlier version may be non- affordable to many but it actually complements the device overall hardware and software features. Uptil now, Google Nexus 7 II is regarded as the king of hill and ahead of others!   

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