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The Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, has just unveiled the Huawei Ascend G700 smartphone that has amazing features, elegant design and will surely give you the complete value of your money. Considering its specs and price, this device has the edge over its competitors. If you want to have the handset that runs on Android OS, capable of capturing the images with good quality and instant access to social network then this is the best device to go with. Furthermore, it is not very highly priced as compared to other devices which have the similar specs. In Pakistan it is available at invoice price of 25,300-/ PKR. But you can buy this set at the price of about 23,800-/ PKR

Check out latest price of Huawei Ascend G700 here.



g 700Unboxing

Like other devices Huawei Ascend G700 comes with a 3 pin charge that has a seprate USB cable so that you can connect that to your laptop or other USB socket to charge your mobile and you can also use it as a data cable. It has a hands free which don't have a volume control on it, of-course 2150mAH battery, user manual and a warrenty card.


g 700 unboxing  g 700 unboxing

G 700 unboxing  G 700 unboxing


Ascend G700Design and Appearance

Huawei Ascend G700 has the plastic body, weighs around 157grams and does not lies in the lightest smartphone category due to having big touchscreen, causing you some problem in finding the screen protector for it in the market as the screen protectors for that much big screen are hardly come by. In order to protect the screen from scratches, manufacturer has used Protective Foil on the display to avoid blisters. However, one must remember that such protective Foil is prone to fingerprints.

The back cover of the device is removable to gain the access to battery, SIM slots and MicroSD slot. The surface of the device is good enough to give you comfortable impression in the palm. Overall, the appearance of the device leaves a decent impression.


G 700 design  Ascend G 700 Design

G 700 Design  G 700 back side

G 700 back side view  Ascend G700 side view

G 700 design  g700 side view

ascend g700  ascend g700


G 700Processor

It has MediaTek MT6589 built-in chip and the CPU has four cores, clocked at 1.2 GHz. The results of the CPU are pretty great and on par with Acer Liquid E2 which uses the same SoC.  It also has 2 GB RAM which is difficult to find in this price segment. The performance of the graphics is satisfactory but slightly lower than the HTC Desire 500.

Ascend G700


It has 5 inches large IPS LCD screen display with the resolution of 1280*720 pixels (HD) which is very high for the devices available in the similar price range. Only the blackberry Z10 has the higher screen brightness but it also costs higher than G700.

The aspect ratio option proves very handy in the outdoor. The brightness sensor of the device works pretty fine in the outdoor and depending on the environment, sensors quickly adjusts the brightness – making it very easy to use the device in bright environment without any problem.


G700Multimedia and camera

The ascend G700 is equipped with two cameras: the rear camera is 8 MP while the front camera is 1.3 MP. The result of the camera is pretty good but not well enough to match the sharpness of Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5. The results of both the cameras are satisfactory but optics overstrained quickly in the darkness and the image looks fairly dark. The most surprising thing in camera is HDR feature which you can’t find in any other mobile in this price range.

Though, the front camera is only 1.3 MP but may surprise you with its results as it is very good for making the video conferencing and give good quality even in the dark environment.

The rear camera comes with auto focus feature, can provide the quality images and records the videos in HD.

g 700 camera options  g 700 HDR


G700 camera result  G700 HDR Camera Result

Simple Image                                                           HDR Result




G700 Camera Result  G700 Camera sample

Camera Result When Lights Off.

G700Communication and GPS

The device is capable of running two SIM cards at the same time and supports the tri-band GSM however, the coverage of the frequency is not very broad but it is still faster than its little sister model in the family G525.

You can connect to the Internet with the built-in Wi-Fi module however; its reach may disappoint you as it is only mediocre and receives the full signal only when you are sitting next to the router. If you are standing at the distance of 20 meters from the router, only two bars will be visible in the task bar and causing the browsing experience very slow.

The GPS satellites connection has very fast and good signal quality. The position of the handset is quickly determined even if you are sitting indoor. On Huawei Ascend G 700, you can enjoy good GPS experience.


G 700Battery Run Time

Normally the devices available in the similar price range have the 2000 mAH battery while Huawei Ascend G 700 has the higher battery capacity which is 2150 mAH. In the power test, the device was set at the maximum brightness and all of the other power consumers were on to gauge the battery run-time. After 4 hours and 30 minutes all of the battery was depleted. It is a good run time and if you are not a heavy user of the mobile phone, you can easily use the device for two days with a single charge.

G 700Power Consumption

It has been seen that the devices with high screen brightness are prone to have higher battery consumption than the devices having average screen brightness. However, this does not apply on Huawei Ascend G 700. Despite having a very bright screen display, it just consumes 1.5 Watt in the idle mode. Under full load, the consumption in watts rises to 3.1.

This device has not only pretty big battery but long run time as well. You may consider this device if you have been looking for a device having good battery run time and bright screen.

g 700 battery

G 700The Touch Screen

The capacitive touchscreen of the Huawei Ascend 500 can easily recognize the maximum 10 simultaneous touches. Even pressing at the edges, the touchscreen technology reacts quickly to the input.

G 700Virtual Keyboard

Huawei has managed to put the virtual keyboard in the portrait mode which fits beautifully due to the big screen. You can easily use the keyboard and see the content on the screen. It is up to the user to choose the keyboard layout, either portrait or landscape, however in the landscape format, the keyboard covers the largest part and looks more dominating.

g700 keyboard

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This is a review for Huawei Ascend G700 mobile phone.
To see full details and specifications, click here: Huawei Ascend G700

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