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Warid’s new service for Postpaid customers, Post-2-Pre Balance Transfer

Warid Post to Pre Balance Share

Many postpaid customers of warid complaints that warid is not giving new services and packages for its postpaid customers. But now Warid has introduces a news service for its postpaid customers. Now warid’s postpaid customers can share their balance with prepaid customers. They can share utpo Rs. 50 from their postpaid number to any other prepaid number. Minimum amount that could be share is Rs. 10, they can share any amount that is multiple of 10 from 10 to 50 PKR in a single day.

To send balance, they need to write ‘B’ then prepaid number and then amount and send it to 2424.  Service charges of Rs. 5.0 is applicable on each share and SMS to send on 2424 will be charged 0.05 (tax excluded).


To share balance, send B<space>number<space>amount in an SMS to 2424. For example:

  • B 032XXXXXXXX 10
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 20
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 30
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 40
  • B 032XXXXXXXX 50

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