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Microsoft Launching Office for iPad users on 27th March

MS Office For iPad

MS Office For iPad

The users of iPad can now enjoy the Microsoft Office experience on their devices as Apple is planning to have this worldwide popular application on iPad. Microsoft Office is no doubt one of the most popular products of the company and the introduction in iPad will surely benefit the company.  However, this is the reversal of the decision that Microsoft made to restrict the access of the Apple users to the software in order to increase the demand of their tablets. The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, will officially confirm to the media regarding the access of Office to the iPhone users on 27th March.


 The statistics show that the company was losing $2.5 billion revenue per year by not allowing the access to Apple. However, the company has now decided to allow the access to iPad users and generate easy $2.5 billion instead of challenging Apple powered devices.


According to the media, company has already designed the Microsoft Office Version for Apple users before months but the launch was delayed due to difference of opinion of the management. Now, the company will officially release the Microsoft Office version for Apple on 27th March.