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How Forged iPhone Charger can put your Life in Danger?

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Lot of buzz was created last July, if you could remember when the Apple iPhone 5 was exploded and caused the death of a 23 year old Chinese guy. In another instance, a man claimed that a shock sent his body flying across the room while he was using the iPad of his daughter. As these events were giving the bad name to the company’s premium devices, Apple declared the war on the chargers of third party immediately and also gave the chargers at the discounted rates to those who bought forged plugs.


Saving some money may cost you too much sometime. Tim Tyrrell, the resident of Minnesota, was looking for the iPhone charger and instead of paying $30 for the genuine charger; he decided to buy from eBay at the cost of $10 that included wall and car charger. He might be feeling himself lucky but the forged knock-off charger exploded just after a few days and burnt the quarter of his hand.


Due to diabetes, the condition of the wound became worse and he had to stay at the hospital for over a week. All of the trouble and injury could be avoided quite easily by purchasing the genuine Apple charger!



Because of the damage caused by the forged charger, Apple has been publishing and pushing its customer to buy the genuine charger in order to avoid any negative outcomes due to the forged accessories.