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iOS 8 Home Screen Concept Having Widgets On It



Here is a concept of iOS 8 home screen with widgets on it that will show the real time information from that application. Since start, Apple’s iOS have a home screen with static icons, only change made in this is the clock icon that shows real time on home screen and it is made possible in iOS 7.  Now a new idea is provided by Jay Machalani according to which iOS 8 home screen can be made dynamic and interactive by replacing the icon by “iOS Block” which will take the space of 4 icons and will show the real time information. You can make it simple icon again by zooming it out using two fingers.


Have a look at the concept provided below and give your opinion about this new home screen idea. Well, we think, Apple is not going to provide this feature in iOS 8, but we love to hear from you.



Source: iPhone Hacks