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How to track billable hours using Alpaka Time Management App

alpaka punch

alpaka punch

As a freelancer it is very important for me to get paid for the complete time that I have worked for my client. On fixed prices jobs there is no worry for me or other freelancers like me, as they complete their work and get the agreed amount between them and the client. But when you have a contract with your client on hourly basis like you will get paid for the time that you have worked for. Then it is very difficult to track the time properly for your client and client also needs some proof of the timing you billed the client. When you are working involving a third party like UpWork or Freelancer, then you can get their official application to track the time, but in this case freelancer and the client have to pay almost 20% commission to that third party for using their services and platform. Many people don’t want to get direct relation with the client because they don’t have any suitable time tracking application.


Now you don’t need to worry about this, here you have a great application called Alpaka which is best application for time management and time tracking for your work as a freelancer. Client billing becomes very easy and accurate by the use of Alpaka punch application to avoid any lost revenue and to increase your productivity by tracking each and every second you have worked for your client. Whether you are working for you client from a desktop machine or you are working on your mobile you can track you time by this simple to use time tracking application. you can download the Alpaka client billing app free of charge for your iOS or Android. Then you need to sign in to application by singing in with your credentials (to try the app you can get login details from official website).

Time management becomes very easy if you use this user friendly app, you just need to select your client’s name and then you have to write a description about what you are going to do during this time track. After that you just need to start the clock and continue your work. When you complete your work, you can save that time or if you need a break you can pause the clock as well. If you have done client’s work in different small intervals you can also merge different small time punch into one punch by selecting merge client per day option. You can review, edit and delete time entries.

The best thing about Alpaka is that if you have installed it on your notebook and mobile device at same time, on both locations your application will be synced and if you change client name or description on your mobile device it will changed on your notebook as well. So in this way there is no way of multiple clients billing problem. There are many more features which you can learn by installing the app on your device and much more features will be available soon to make Alpaka the best time management application.

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