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Why I need to learn Java Programming Language as a Developer

java tutorials

java tutorials

As a developer you need to start from a basic language obviously that might be visual basic or simply C language and then you move on to learn more and more languages to polish your skills and abilities. As a professional you should’t stick to one programming language as different customers and clients have their own demands and you need to fulfill their demands. So professionalism require you to learn as many languages as you can because once you have developed good skills and your logic is good then you only need to lean the syntax which is not a difficult task. But you should understand that learning all possible languages is important whereas the most important thing is that you should be expert in a single language. There should be one language in which you believe that you can convert any other language’s program into your favorite language.


So if you want to know which language is more important and which language you should adopt as your primary programming language then I will suggest you to first in what type of programming you are more comfortable. Do you want to make desktop applications or you are interesting in developing web applications. Along with this you should also select on what platform you want to develop the applications. After that you have to select the language to select as your primary tool. If you ask me, I would suggest you to select the platform independent language and JAVA is the only choice when you go for the independent languages. You can use JAVA in desktop applications as well as in developing web applications. And now as mobile apps are widely used applications you should know that Java is also best language for mobile applications development.

Best applications are those which are flexible and built by using different modules which can operate and usable independently. JAVA is an Object Oriented Programming language which is supported by concepts like inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction and polymorphism. Java is also supported by powerful development tools like Netbeans and Eclipse which helps you a lot in coding and you don’t need to write each and every line of your code. In Java you can have so many open source libraries and access to online help community from where you can learn a lot and get any kind of help if you stuck at a point. You can also get different java tutorials from video streaming websites and personal blogs which might be a good help for beginners as well as professionals.

While having expertise in JAVA you can make programming your career which can be very useful and have a bright future as well for developers. So this is the right time to learn java by different Java tutorials and start your career as a mobile or desktop or web developer.