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3 Best Android Apps For Your Kids in 2017

cartoon hd for android

cartoon hd for android

Smartphone is the something that every one wants to have. Even you will find many kids from age 3 years to 9 years also have a Smartphone or tablet in their hands either provided by their parents, or they take parent’s Smartphone without the permission of parents. Many parents believes that it is not the right age to hand over a Smartphone to little kids. But if you ask me I would say that Smartphone can be used as a best teacher and a best friend for the kids.

Download: Best language learning app for kids

This is a fact that playing outdoor games is very important for the kids as it makes them healthy but you should give them some time to play games or learn their lessons using a Smartphone which is fun for the kids. They can learn poems, nursery rhymes using Smartphone along with counting and Alphabets. They can also enjoy watching cartoons or other special programs fro kids. Here I will mention 3 different apps that are best for the kids, not only for their education but also for the entertainment of kids.

ABCD For Kids


ABCD for kids is specially designed for the preschool kids. From age 2 to 3 year kids can use this great application for learning alphabets with a melodious tune and they can also learn to trace all the alphabets on the Smartphone in a fun manner. ABCD for Kids: Learn Alphabet and ABC for Toddlers is one of the best app for 2 to 3 year kids for learning purpose.

Funny Food 2

This is another great application for little kids who are going to school in Play group or KG. With this education application, kids can learn about different geometrical shapes, names of colors, names of fruits and vegetables, logic and there are many puzzles in this fun application. Just install Funny Food 2 in your Smartphone and ask your kids to learn quickly.

Cartoon HD

This is another great app that can be provided to kids without any hesitation. Along with study they should also get some time for the entertainment and the best entertainment for kids is to watch their favorite cartoons. You can install Cartoon HD for Android and for iOS and with its easy to use interface kids can enjoy in their free time by watching their favorite cartoon programs in HD quality. From the link provided above you can learn how to download the Cartoon HD APK and then how to install that on your Android mobile.

I would suggest that parents should have these three best android apps in their smartphone so that Kids can learn and enjoy with these great fun apps.