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How to Download Videos From YouTube Using Safari Extension on Mac

how to download youtube video on mac

how to download youtube video on mac

YouTube is the best source of learning new things, watching tutorials to solve different problems and to entertain yourself by watching movies or listening music. The unfortunate thing in YouTube is that it don’t provide any option to download videos. Many users always try and search different methods on how to download videos from YouTube but unfortunately there is no reliable tool for that. Some software or browser’s extensions provides this facility to download YouTube videos but they work only few few weeks and months and after that again you need to find new extensions. The other problem is sometimes users download and install malware while trying these low quality extensions for YouTube video downloads.


If you are also one who is facing problem in downloading favorite movies or video tutorials and want to know how to download YouTube videos on your mac using extension for Safari or other browsers then Airy is your best friend. It is not only easy to use button but it provides you options to download your videos in different qualities. You can use it on your Mac for any browser like Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

Airy is your personal YouTube downloading button for Mac.

How to add Airy YouTube Video Download Button to Browser

  • Download an install Airy on your computer.
  • Test the software by downloading YouTube videos on your computer.
  • Free version will allow you to download 2 videos. If you like that then buy the pro version of Airy
  • After purchasing pro version, run the software and from main menu select “Integrate into Browser”.
  • It will now detects videos on your browser.
  • Now find “Open in Airy” button drag it to the bookmark bar of your browser and then drop it on the bar.
  • You are all set to download YouTube video by just one click on Airy YouTube download button.

This is very easy process and once you have installed the paid version and integrate the download button into your browser’s bookmark bar, you an download any video from YouTube just by click on your button by selecting the preferred video format from the list.


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