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Recover Deleted Photos & Pictures From Android No Root – Free

recover deleted photos android

recover deleted photos android

In one of my previous article, I have described the process in detail that what happens to data when we delete it from our storage media. I have also provided different ways to recover deleted files and photos from Mac, iPad and iPhone. Today I will tell you how you can recover deleted photos from your Android mobile. There are different applications which allow you to recover your deleted photos and files but most of these applications need you to root your device. Whereas the process which I will tell you in this post is good enough to get back deleted photos with this free and easy to use photo recovery android application.


How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Without Root

If you want to recover deleted pictures from your android mobile you just need to follow the steps provided below:

  • Install¬†DiskDigger photo recovery1¬†application on your Android device.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

  • After Installation, launch the application to start photo restoration process.
  • Under “Basic Scan” heading, click on “Start Basic Photo Scan”.
  • Photo recovery application will ask to get access to photos and media, click on allow.
  • DiskDigger will start scanning your device and you will see different recoverable photos.
  • From “settings” button, you can change minimum or maximum file size that you want to scan. Configure the settings as per your requirement or keep it to default settings.
  • After you get “Scan completed” message, click on Ok.
  • Scroll down to the scanned photos and select the photos which you want to recover.
  • After selecting all the photos, click on Recover tab from the top of the app interface.
  • This android photo recovery application will provide you three options where you can store your photos after recovery. You can select the best option according to your needs. If you need to recover deleted photos and store on the same device, then select the second option which says “Save the files to a custom location…”.


  • It will ask you to select a folder on your device, select a folder where you want to store these deleted photos and click on ok. It is recommended that you select a folder which should be empty.
  • After you click ok, this photo recovery application will undelete photos which you have selected and ask you to “Get DiskDigger Pro”. Click on No, Thanks.
  • All done, your photos have been recovered successfully.

Now you can go to your file manager and navigate to the folder which you had selected to store the files. You can find your photos which were recovered by this application. Remember this android photo recovery app can also recover deleted photos from sd card.

For a step by step guide about how to undelete your photos, you can watch the video below:




  1. Download the app from Playstore