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Telenor Internet 4G Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Day, Night & Postpaid

Telenor 4G Internet Packages

The Norway based company, Telenor is also one of the largest cellular company in Pakistan. Telenor claims that they have more than 40 Million customers all over Pakistan and they are providing the cellular and the 4G internet services all over Pakistan.

Just like other internet service providers in Pakistan, Telenor also offers a variety of 4G Internet packages for daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly subscription offers. Other than these, Telenor also offers social internet bundles and you can also activate a 4G or 3G internet package for 2 days or 3 days.

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For prepaid users, Telenor offers two different plans. One is called Djuice, while the second plan is called Telenor Talkshawk. Almost all the Telenor 4G and Telenor 3G bundles are available for Djuice and Talkshawk users. So, we will mention the 4G Telenor internet packages combine.

Telenor Prepaid Internet Packages

If you are using a prepaid service of Telenor, then you can select your favorite Telenor bundle from a lot of different available Telenor 4G internet packages. You can select a daily internet package, 3-day internet package, weekly or monthly 4G internet package.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages (Djuice/TalkShawk)

If you need the internet connectivity urgently only for one day or even for a few hours, then you should select any of the below Telenor daily internet bundles. All these 2G, 3G & 4G Telenor daily internet packages are available for both Telenor Djuice and Telenor Talkshawk. You can check your remaining MBs by dialing *999#. This MBs inquiry will cost you 2o Paisa per attempt.

Package NamePriceData Bundle VolumeHow to Subscribe
4G Daily Lite BundleRs. 1250 MB*12#
4G Daily BundleRs. 18100 MB*345*131#
4G Daily Plus BundleRs. 30150 MB*345*132#
Daily Day Time BundleRs. 101500 MB (6 am – 6 pm)*345*139#
Rat Din BundleRs. 151500 MB (12 am – 12 pm)*150#

Telenor 3-Days Internet Packages (Djuice/TalkShawk)

If you are looking for a 3-day Telenor 4G internet package then this 4G 3-Day bundle is best for you. You can use the internet and Facebook in this package. There is a special quota for the Facebook which is other than the data volume bundle.

Package NamePriceData Bundle VolumeHow to Subscribe
4G 3-Day BundleRs. 42200MB + Free 200MB for Facebook*32#

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages (Djuice/TalkShawk)

If you need more MBs of the internet in less price and you want to use it for more than one day, then Telenor weekly internet packages are best to choose. You can choose any Telenor weekly internet bundle that suits your needs and you can avail these 3G or 4G Telenor packages for both Djuice and Talkshawk plans.

Package NamePriceData Bundle VolumeHow to Subscribe
4G Weekly BundleRs. 75750 MB*72#
4G Weekly Super BundleRs. 1001500 MB + 500 MB WhatsApp*288#
4G Weekly Ultra BundleRs. 1604.0 GB + 1.0 GB Goonj/GameBox*336#
4G Weekly UnlimitedRs. 852500 MB (1AM-7PM)*345*144#

Telenor Free Weekly WhatsApp Offer

Almost every user who has a Smartphone installs the WhatsApp messenger as the first application. To use WhatsApp you need internet packages because you have to make free calls, send your pictures or make video calls with your friends and family.

Telenor brings a Free Weekly WhatsApp offer. You can avail this offer and can use WhatsApp for free for a whole week without any charges.

Package NamePriceData Bundle VolumeHow to Subscribe
Weekly WhatsApp OfferFree100 MB*213#

You can avail this Telenor free weekly WhatsApp offer only once a week. If you consume your Free 100 MBs in less than 7 days, then you have to wait for next week to start to get the Free WhatsApp offer again. There should be a minimum balance of 1 Paisa in your Telenor Sim, to activate this offer.

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages (Djuice/TalkShawk)

If you use Telenor internet on your mobile regularly on daily basis, then you should activate the best Telenor monthly 4G internet package on your mobile. Telenor offers different 3G and 4G monthly internet bundles for both Djuice and Talkshawk users.

Package NamePriceData Bundle VolumeHow to Subscribe
Monthly Data OfferRs. 1702000 MB + 1000 MB WhatsApp
4G Monthly BundleRs. 5009,000 MB*303#
4G Monthly Plus BundleRs. 75010,000 MB*345*136#
4G Monthly Unlimited BundleRs. 2504.0 GB (4.0 GB for 24 Hours, 4.0 GB from 1Am to 7AM).*302#

These all Telenor Prepaid 4G internet packages are updated on 6th November 2018. We will keep updating the packages regularly. So keep visiting this post and bookmark it in your browser to check the latest Telenor 4G Internet Bundles anytime.

Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

If you are a Postpaid customer of Telenor, then you can choose one Telenor postpaid internet package from 5 different options. The validity of all these packages are 30 days and these packages will start from your billing date.

Package NamePriceData Bundle VolumeHow to Subscribe
INTERNET 100Rs. 100150 MB*345*481#
INTERNET 200Rs. 200300 MB*345*482#
INTERNET 350Rs. 350600 MB*345*483#
INTERNET 600Rs. 6004000 MB*345*484#
INTERNET 1000Rs. 10008000 MB*345*485#
Postpaid Social BundleRs. 100Unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter*345*486#

That is all from us for the Telenor 4G internet packages for prepaid and postpaid users. If you see any error, don’t hesitate to inform us using the comment section below.

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