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Top 10 Must Have Free Android Apps in 2019


Your Android smartphone is not for only making calls or sending messages. Also, it is not only to use your social networks. There are a lot of other ways to use your Smartphone so that it can help you in your daily routine work.

In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 must-have Android apps that you should install in 2019 to make your Android phone an amazing gadget.

Check our selected top 10 must have Android apps in 2019:

1. Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager Android App

On the top 10 list, we have Bitwarden Password Manager at the top. If you feel difficult to remember your passwords for different social sites, apps or email accounts, then using the same password is not the solution.

If you use the same password for all of your accounts that you are at risk of losing all the accounts at once.

The best way is to use Bitwarden Password Manager on your Android device. It will make your life easy. You can use different complex passwords for different sites or apps. You don’t need to remember your passwords at all.

The best part is, you can use this amazing app on different devices like you can use it on iOS or at your Windows PC. It will sync your login details on all your devices.

2. Dumpster

Dumpster Android Photos Backup Solution Undelete Photos

Are you afraid of losing your important images and memories? If your answer is yes, then you should always have a backup of your photos. What? Do you think it is difficult? Don’t worry, Dumpster is the solution to this problem.

It provides you a freedom to make mistakes. If you or your kids delete your images accidentally or intentionally, the dumpster will keep your photos safe.


Dumpster app is just like the recycle bin on your Windows. Whenever you delete a photo, it will move to the dumpster bin. You can restore your photos or you can undelete your photos from the Dumpster bin anytime you want.

If you actually wanted to delete your photos, then first delete them from the gallery and then go to your Dumpster app and empty your dumpster bin.

3. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

How will you feel if I tell you that you can get credit by using this amazing app? Sounds great? Yes, it is, you can get play store credit by using the Google Opinion Rewards app.

Just install this app on your smartphone and then Google will keep asking your opinions on different issues occasionally. On your answers or opinions, Google will give you play store credit and you can use that credit to buy any paid app from Play store.

So, what are you waiting for? Download and install Google Opinion rewards on your Android phone, share your knowledge with others and get free play store credits.

4. SHAREit


Sometimes, iPhone or Android users feel it difficult to transfer their data from their old device to a new device. SHAREit is the solution to this problem for many users.


This great data transfer app works between different Android devices, different iOS devices and it also works between Android and iPhone. You can transfer your images and videos without any data cable. SHAREit will transfer your videos and photos by using your wifi connection.

You can also transfer your installed applications from your old device to your new device using this amazing free data transfer app.

5. Disk Digger Photo Recovery


Dumpster is the app which protects your photos being deleted mistakenly, but Disk Digger Photo Recovery can recover your photos even after you have deleted your photos permanently from your device.

If you want to recover your photos from your Android device then make it sure that you try to recover as soon as possible. Also, don’t store more data on your device otherwise it will be difficult to recover your deleted photos.

The best thing about Disk Digger Photo Recovery is that you don’t need to ROOT your Android device. See this article to learn how to recover your deleted photos.

6. Translator Foto

translator foto

It is super easy to translate text from one language to another using Google translator. But what to do when you read some text on an image? Obviously, you can’t copy the text from the image to paste it to Google translator. Translator Foto is the solution to this problem.

Using this app on your Android mobile, you can translate any text written on an image. You can use the photos from your gallery or you can take a new picture using the camera of your mobile. Translator Foto will translate that text from the image to your preferred language.

7. Quick Video Recorder

Quick Video Recorder Android

We put Quick Video Recorder on number 7 at the list of top 10 must have Android Apps in 2019. This amazing free app can convert your simple Android phone into a secret spy cam.

Using Quick Video Recorder you can record videos from the back camera or from the front camera of your Android phone even when your phone is locked. Just start the video recording by Quick Video Recorder and then either lock your mobile or keep using your mobile for different tasks.

Quick Video Recorder will keep recording the video in the background and no one will know that you are recording the video.

Caution: Don’t use this app for any negative purpose, otherwise you will be caught by the FIA.

8. Shazam


It happens that you listen to music at some place while passing from there, you like that music, but you don’t know the song name. Or you listen to some music in an ad which is part of a full song, but you don’t know what is the original song.


Shazam will tell you the name of any song in the world. If you have this music recognition app installed on your Android device, then just tap the screen of your mobile while Shazam is running and bring your mobile close to the device where the song is playing. Shazam will listen to the song or music and within a few seconds, it will tell you the original song name and also give you the link to watch that song.

9. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner Android Mobile

No need to buy a scanner to scan your important documents. Your Android smartphone is your cool tiny scanner which you can use anytime, anywhere. Just install the Tiny scanner app, and you are ready to scan any official document or even a complete book.

After scanning the pages, you can also create a good quality PDF book/document for your book or official documents.

10. Air Droid


If you want to use your mobile on your laptop or computer, or if you want to transfer your files from mobile to computer, Air Droid is the solution. You can use the screen mirroring feature and can use your Android mobile on your Windows computer.

The connection will be wireless and free. No need to use any cable connection to manage your Android mobile from Windows, Mac or Linux. If you have this app on your mobile and computer, you can access and manage your Android mobile or tablet remotely.

11. QR Code Reader (Bonus App)

QR Code Reader

You can see different QR codes on different products or in the classified ads. These QR codes have some information which you can read using the QR Code Reader App. You can use the camera of your Android mobile to read that QR Code.

Just install the QR Code Reader and then you can scan any QR code. Let it be in a classified ad, or it is on the box of a product. Just scan the code and you will get the information stored in the QR code. It could be a video, a message, or a website URL.

Final Words

These are the top 10 must-have Android apps along with a bonus 11th app. You must install these apps on your new Android device as soon as you buy one.

We will provide a list of a few more apps which are also important in another article very soon.


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