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How to Download 4K Videos For Free From YouTube



Downloading a YouTube video is not a complicated task. There are a lot of browser extensions available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. These extensions allow you to download YouTube videos with a single click.


You can also download YouTube videos using Safari extension on Mac.

But all these extensions allows only to download a low-quality YouTube video. Most of the extensions allow downloading only 720P video. You can’t download the high-quality 4K video or even the 1080P video using these browser extensions.

Well, now it is very easy to download 4K video from YouTube by using 4K video downloader or download a high-quality video from Facebook with a single click. Above all, it is totally free. No need to crack software, or no need to provide a credit card information to download the 4K Video downloader.

How to get 4K Video Downloader

If you want to download 4K videos from YouTube then you can easily download 4K video downloader from the official website. It is 100% free and safe to download the product. It allows you to download the full HD videos from YouTube in 4K resolution. The application is not very heavy, you can even use that on an old machine running Windows 7.

This 4K video downloader is not ‘just a downloader’. It allows you a lot more options which can be very useful for you. This free YouTube video downloader works with many other video websites like Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and more.


Some of the amazing features of this licensed 4K video downloader are:

  • Download YouTube videos in different formats like MP4, MKV, and many others.
  • Download the video in different resolutions even in 2K or 4K result.
  • Automatic new video downloads from your subscribed YouTube channels.
  • You can also extract the YouTube video subtitles.
  • Supports downloading from various Video and Audio websites.
  • You can download the 3D Videos as well from YouTube.
  • You can download the 360° (360 Degree) videos as well from YouTube and other sites.
  • The application allows you to set up a proxy server to access the sites which are blocked in your region.

The best thing about this 4K video downloader software is that you can get that for your Windows, macOS or Linux device. There are a lot more products offered by which you can check by visiting their official website.


How to Download 4K Video?

It is very easy to use the 4K video downloader. You just need to launch the application on your Windows, macOS or Linux device. Open the YouTube video that you want to download in 4K quality.

how to download 4K YouTube Video

Copy the URL of the video from the browser and click on the “Paste Link” button on the downloader. It will take a few seconds for link parsing, and then it will provide you options to select the resolution.

You will see the resolution of the video, quality, video format and the size of the file. If the video on YouTube is in 4K quality, you can also find the 4K option. If you can’t find the 4K option in MP4 download, then click on the MKV download and there you will be able to see the option to download that video in 4K resolution.

On the same screen, you will also see an option to download a video, or you can select the other option as well to extract only audio of that video. You will also see an option to download the subtitles.

Before you click on the “Download” button to start your 4K video downloading, you can rename the file and change the download location as well.


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