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List of All Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes, Hacks and Hidden Menu



Engineers and technicians use Samsung secret codes and hacks. These secret Samsung codes are very important to test different functions of your phone. If you know these hidden menu codes, you can test the hardware and software of your Samsung smartphone.

Different brands have different Android mobile secret codes and hacks. Some codes are universal which works on every mobile while some codes work only on specific brands and specific models.

If you know any Samsung service menu code, you can check the working of your mobile phone and in some cases, you won’t need to hand over your mobile to a technician for repair.

In this article, I will provide you a list of Samsung secret codes and tricks:

All Samsung Secret Codes and Hacks

These codes are also known as the Samsung dialer codes because you need to use the dialer application to execute all Samsung Galaxy secret codes.

Almost all these Samsung hidden menu codes will work on Samsung mobiles which include Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S10. These codes will also work on other series of Samsung mobiles like the J series, M series, A series. These codes will also work on the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, and Galaxy Note 10.


In short, these secret codes will work on almost every model of Samsung. So, here we go:

Samsung IMEI Check Code

Samsung IMEI Check Secret Code

This code will work on all mobiles of any brand. You can check the IMEI number of any Android phone, iPhone, Windows phone or even the bar phones. If you have a dual SIM mobile, this code will show you the IMEI number for both the SIM.

Open your dialer and dial the code *#06#. As soon as you dial the last #, your phone will show you the IMEI number of your mobile on the screen.

Note: Don’t share your IMEI number with anyone. That is why we didn’t show the IMEI number in the screenshot.

Samsung Secret Menu Code

Samsung Secret Menu Code

To access the Samsung service mode or Samsung secret menu, you have a code that works on any Samsung mobile. Using this code you can test the LCD colors, Samsung touch from the border and in the diagonals, speaker, vibration, receiver, camera, menu keys, volume and power keys, different sensors, and some other features of any Samsung mobile.

In short, this is the Samsung engineering mode code. This code will work on the replica Samsung copies as well, but on replica mobiles, it will show limited features. So you can use this code to check if you have a genuine Samsung phone or a fake mobile.

From your Samsung dialer, dial the code *#0*# and you will see a menu that will help you to test various features and hardware of your Samsung mobile. You can use this code to access the Galaxy Note 8 hidden menu as well.

Since you can check the screen color from this code, so this code is also called the Samsung screen test code or Samsung LCD test code.

Service Mode FTA SW Version

Samsung service mode code

Open your dialer and dial Samsung service mode code *#1111# and you will enter into the Samsung service mode. This Samsung secret code will show you the FTA SW version of your mobile.

Service Mode FTA HW Version

Samsung hardware test code

To know the hardware version of your mobile from the service mode, you can dial the Samsung hardware test code which is *#2222# from the dialer. All Samsung models will show you the FTA HW version with this code.

Samsung Firmware Files

Samsung Firmware File Version Secret Code

If you need to flash your Samsung mobile then you need to know about the firmware files. There is a mobile secret code for Samsung that shows you the different firmware file versions like AP (system or Android partition), CP (your modem), CSC (Consumer Software Customization). This code will also show you the model of your Samsung mobile.

To execute this secret Samsung code, dial *#1234# from your phone.

Check Samsung Mobile Manufacturing Date

Time of First Power Up Samsung Manufacturing Date

Do you know how to check the manufacturing date of Samsung mobile? Well, there is a secret Samsung code that can tell you about the manufacturing date of your Samsung mobile.

It is important to know the manufacturing date because usually later manufactured mobile phones have some better features or they don’t have the defects of the earlier models.

To know the manufacturing date of the Samsung mobile, dial *#12580*369# from your mobile. It will show you the Main Version screen and shows you the firmware files on the top.

Then you can see the RF Cal (Radio Frequency Calibration), which shows you the time of the first power-up. Then it will show you the hardware version as well.

Samsung Phone Test Menu Code



Samsung touch screen test code

This code is also known as the Samsung touch screen test code. Just like the Samsung service menu, this is another great code that allows you to test the speaker, ringer, front and rear camera, and Bluetooth.

In the service menu, you can check the border and diagonals of the touch screen, but in this test menu code, you can test each spot of the touch screen in a grid overlay. To do so, just click on the TSP Grid Mode.

With TSP Dot Mode, you can again test the touch screen. When you touch on any part of the screen, it will make a small dot on that part of the screen.

Moreover, it is also a Samsung sensor check code, you can test the accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor and light sensor with this test menu code.

To access the Samsung test menu screen, dial the code *#7353# from your dialer.

Samsung 2G & LTE Status Check

Samsung Secret Codes-and Tricks

From your Samsung mobile, dial a secret code *#0011# to access a Samsung hidden feature that shows you the 2G and LTE status of your mobile. Click on Stack 1 for the 2G basic information and Stack 2 for LTE basic information.

Samsung Battery Test Code

Samsung Battery Test Code

If you know the battery status of your Samsung mobile, then you need to dial a Samsung secret code to check the battery status of your phone. From the dialer, dial *#0228#. This Samsung battery test code will show the network information, voltage value, battery charging status, and some more information about the battery.

Samsung Loopback Test

Samsung Loopback Test

The Samsung hidden feature of the loopback test allows you to test your mic1, mic 2 and earphone test. To access this Samsung mobile hidden feature you need to dial *#0283#.

Samsung Diagnostic Control

Samsung Diagnostic Control

With the help of the Samsung diagnostic or DIAG control menu, you can turn on or off the RAMDUMP, you can change the ATI path and you can make some more changes.

To access this hidden menu, dial *#9090# from your Samsung mobile.

Camera Firmware Information

Camera Firmware Version

To check the firmware version of the front and rear camera and phone, you can use the Samsung hidden secret code *#7412365*.

To get more advanced information about the camera firmware standards of your Samsung mobile, you can dial this code *#34971539#.

Caution: Don’t try to update the camera firmware version through these Samsung hidden codes as it may affect the camera functionality.

Samsung USB Settings Code

Samsung USB Settings Code

Sometimes you might feel a problem in connecting your Samsung mobile with the PC or laptop by using a USB cable. In that case, you need to tweak the USB settings of your mobile and to do this, you need a Samsung mobile secret code *#0808#. From the USB settings hidden menu, you can select a suitable option and then click on the reboot button.

You can use this code to access the Galaxy S8 hidden menu to make your desired changes.

Samsung System Dump Mode

SysDump Samsung

To access the system dump mode on your Samsung mobile, you need to dial *#9900# from your dial pad. It will open the SysDump Samsung screen from where you can configure the log files, dump files and you can boost network speed.

Samsung Firmware Version Code

Samsung Firmware Version Secret Code

This is an amazing code that shows you the TSP firmware version of your Samsung mobile. Using this code you can update the touch key FW. Only use this function if you know about its details. This code also shows you the Bluetooth version of your mobile. To check the firmware version of your Samsung mobile, dial *#2663#.

Do you want to know why this code is amazing? The best thing about this code is that it executes only on the genuine Samsung mobile. If you have a replica or fake Samsung mobile then this code will not execute on that mobile. Check the details here.

Reset Total Call Time Code

As you can understand from the name, it will reset the total lifetime call time of your mobile. It will work as same as you can clear the lifetime from Call Log > Total call time. Dial *#22558463# to clear the total call time of your Samsung mobile.

Samsung Secret Codes List

Check all Samsung secret codes list in the table provided below. Against each Samsung mobile secret code, we have provided a short description so that you can understand what this code will do.

You can also download Samsung secret codes PDF file.

Samsung Secret Code Description
*#06# Samsung IMEI Check Code
*#0*# Samsung Secret Menu Code, General Testing
*#1111# Check Samsung FTA SW version
*#2222# Check Samsung FTA HW version
*#1234# Check Samsung firmware files version and models
*#12580*369# Check Samsung firmware files version, hardware version and shows manufacturing date.
*#7353# Check Samsung sensors, touch screens, and other hardware.
*#0011# 2G & LTE Basic Status and Information
*#0228# Samsung Battery Test Code
*#9090# Samsung Diagnostic Control
*#7412365* Front and Rear Camera firmware information
*#34971539# Front and Rear Camera firmware DETAILED information
*#0808# Samsung USB settings code.
*#9900# Samsung SysDump mode to boost network speed
*#2663# Samsung mobile firmware version code
*#22558463# Reset Total lifetime call time from the call log.

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