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Should I Get Links From Forum Posting for SEO Ranking in 2020?

forum posting seo link 2020

forum posting seo link 2020

Forum posting or profile links were the most suitable way of getting backlinks for your money site. About 5 to 6 years ago, if you get a few profile links from different forums, you could get higher rankings for your web pages.


Then suddenly Google started penalizing those websites which have a lot of forum links or profile links.

Now in 2020 many SEO experts don’t get backlinks with this method. They believe that this is the most outdated method of getting backlinks. But I have another view. I still believe that you can get good rankings using different forums.

For that, your work should be good and you should follow the proper guidelines to get higher Search Engine rankings by getting quality backlinks from Forum Posting.

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What is Forum Posting or Profile Links?

Forum Posting: In this method of getting the links, the user creates an account on a forum. From profile editing, the user edits the signature and insert a link in the signature.

Then the user goes to any post of the forum and replies on the forum by writing a general sentence like “Thank you, this is a very good post. I like it.”

After writing short sentences, the user publishes their reply and they get a backlink from the forum, as the signature is visible in every post of the forum.

Profile Links: In this method, the registration process is the same on the forum. After that user goes to the public profile page and writes a visitor message with a link back to his website.


Or user goes to the profile editing and provides Website URL and anchor text in required fields. Then the user tries to index the profile page in order to get an indexed link from the forum profile.

Why People Left Forum Posting or Profile Links?

With the latest algorithms of Google, many forums get penalized for providing thousands of backlinks from profile pages or from the forum posts. Because of these penalties, administrators and moderators of the forum imposed some restrictions.

Now a user can’t get a link from the forum profile or by the forum posting. They put the new users in moderation so that their posts need admin’s approval before showing up in the forum.

Because of this reason, many users left the forum posting as it becomes the most difficult way of getting the quality links.

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Can I Still Get Back Links From Forums?

Yes, you can still get the backlinks from forums and these backlinks will have a good effect on your search engine rankings as well. But remember, never go for the profile links. As Google doesn’t like profile links anymore.

How to Get links by Forum Posting?

To get links from forum posting you need to work hard and have some patience. You need to follow a few steps and then you can get high-quality backlinks from the forum posting.

Just follow the instruction below and get an upper hand of your competitors:


  • During registration, don’t mention your website’s URL in the “Website” field.
  • After registration, don’t try to modify your profile to provide your website’s URL.
  • Go through the entire forum and understand what is the theme of the forum.
  • Understand how different senior members are posting and discussing different topics.
  • Reply to one or two posts with good knowledge instead of writing short sentences.
  • Try to provide a solution to the problems of different forum members.
  • Don’t post so many replies in one day.
  • Try to participate in the forum discussion on a daily basis with two or three posts in a day.
  • After getting 50 to 60 posts on the forum, forum members and moderators will start giving your respect as you would be a regular member of that forum.
  • Start your own topics as well to provide good information on different topics related to your forum.
  • After that wait and watch if any member asks a question on a topic that is closely related to your website.
  • If you find such a question, reply to it and provide the URL of your website as a reference or for extra information.

In this way, you can get a quality backlink from the forum. The forum admin will not block you and he will appreciate the efforts that you put for his forum.


With this method, you can get links even from the Educational forums. It is a well-known fact that a backlink from EDU or GOV site is considered an authority link.

I have tried this method on AMPS Forum. This is a form of a school and after becoming an active member, I get a good backlink from this EDU forum.

Many users don’t follow these steps as it takes 20 to 30 days to get a single backlink. But there are two benefits of this backlink:

  • The link will be permanent
  • Many users will visit your website with this backlink

Because you are a respected member of the forum, the admin will not remove your link. Existing members who are involved in that forum post will visit your website. Guests or new registered members, who join that forum from Google Search will also visit your website.

When your backlink is permanent and you are getting traffic from that, this single backlink is much better than 100’s of other backlinks which admins remove after few days and you get no traffic from those links.