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Reasons Why Gaming Keyboards are Loud?

Gaming Keywords Loud

This question is asked quite often, why are gaming keyboards so loud? The answer is, Gaming keyboards are designed to be loud. This is because they have mechanisms in place that make it easier for gamers to hear when they press a key.

This helps them react more quickly in games and gives them an advantage over their opponents. In this blog post, we will discuss the different reasons why gaming keyboards are so loud, and what you can do to reduce the noise level.

Here you can check the difference between gaming keyboards and standard keyboards.

Reasons Why Gaming Keyboards are Loud

There are a few reasons why gaming keyboards are louder than regular keyboards.

  • First, they have more keys. This means that when you press a key, it has to travel a longer distance before it registers. As a result, the key makes a louder noise when it hits the bottom of the keystroke.
  • Second, gaming keyboards have higher actuation points. This means that they require more force to press the keys, which results in a louder noise.
  • Finally, gaming keyboards often have built-in stereo speakers. These speakers amplify the sound of the keystrokes, making them even louder.

So if you’re looking for a quiet keyboard, you might want to steer clear of gaming keyboards. But if you’re looking for a keyboard that can give you an edge in your favorite game, then a gaming keyboard might be just what you need.

What Can Be Done To Reduce The Noise

There are a few things that can be done to reduce the noise produced by gaming keyboards.

O-rings or Dampeners

O-rings are small rubber rings that fit around the keycaps and help to reduce the travel distance of the keys. This can be beneficial for hardcore gamers who want to have a faster response time.

Dampeners, on the other hand, are designed to reduce the noise made by mechanical keys. If you are looking for a quieter typing experience, then dampeners may be the better option for you.

Quieter Switches

For anyone who has ever tried to concentrate on a task while surrounded by noise, it can be difficult to remain focused and achieve optimal performance. This is also true for gamers who rely on split-second timing and quick reflexes.

To create an immersive gaming experience, manufacturers have released a new type of switch that is designed to reduce the noise output of keyboards. These so-called “quiet” switches are becoming increasingly popular among gamers who want to minimize distractions and increase their level of concentration.

While they may not eliminate all keyboard noise, they can certainly help to reduce it, making it easier for gamers to stay focused on their game. In addition, quiet switches can also help to extend the life of a keyboard by preventing damage from excessive noise.

Using Film Inside Keyboard

One of the most effective is to use film inside the keyboard. This film helps to dampen the sound of the keys, making it much easier to focus on the game. In addition, film inside the keyboard can also help to protect the keys from wear and tear.

Over time, this can prolong the life of your gaming keyboard. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the noise of your gaming keyboard, using film inside the keyboard is a great option.

Having A Buffer Between Keyboard And Desk

One way to reduce keyboard noise is to use a buffer between the keyboard and the desk. This can be as simple as a folded piece of fabric or a piece of rubber matting. The cushioning will help to absorb some of the sounds, making them less noticeable.

By taking one or more of these measures, it is possible to greatly reduce the noise produced by gaming keyboards.

Cleaning Your Keyboard Regularly

It might be a good idea to clean your keyboard regularly. This can be done either by using a soft cloth or even a compressed air cleaner.  Small dust particles and food debris are among the worst culprits for your keyboard and even your mouse.

You will be surprised at the difference regular cleaning can make! Caution! Avoid using a damp cloth or water to clean your keyboard, it will damage it!

Does Lubricating The Keyboard Help?

Lubricant is a substance that can be applied to surfaces to reduce friction and noise. It is often used on door hinges and drawer slides, and it can also be used on keyboard keys. When applied to keyboard keys, lubricant can help to dampen the sound of the keystrokes, making them quieter.

In addition, lubricants can help to improve the smoothness of keystrokes, making typing feel more responsive. As a result, lubricant can be a useful tool for reducing keyboard noise.

However, it is important to note that lubricant can also attract dust and dirt, which can eventually cause problems with the keyboard. Therefore, it is important to clean the keyboard regularly if you are using lubricant.

Alternatives Of Noisy Gaming Keyboards

Luckily, there are a few alternatives that can provide a similar gaming experience without all the noise. One option is a membrane keyboard, which uses rubber domes instead of mechanical keys.

This results in a quieter keyboard that is less likely to cause distractions. Another option is a mechanical keyboard with low-profile keys. These keyboards have shorter keys that produce less noise when they are pressed.

Finally, some manufacturers offer quiet key switches that can be used on any type of keyboard. These key switches are designed to reduce the amount of noise made by the keys, making them a great option for those who want a quieter gaming experience.

How Noisey Keyboard Affects Gaming Experience

Different types of gaming keyboards produce distinct types of noise that can affect the gaming experience in different ways. For instance, a mechanical keyboard with clicky switches will produce a sharp sound when the keys are pressed, which can be satisfying to some gamers but may also be distracting or even annoying to others.

On the other hand, a membrane keyboard with quieter, softer keys may not produce the same level of satisfaction, but it can be less distracting and allow gamers to focus more on the game.

Ultimately, it is up to each gamer to decide what type of keyboard will provide the best gaming experience, and there are a variety of options available to suit all preferences. But remember that, gaming keyboards are the 1st preference of professional gamers.

Whether you prefer the satisfying click of a mechanical keyboard or the quieter membrane option, there is sure to be a gaming keyboard out there that will provide the perfect gaming experience for you.


Noise-canceling gaming keyboards are becoming increasingly popular among gamers seeking to minimize distractions while also boosting their concentration. While they may not eliminate all keyboard noise, they can certainly help to minimize it, making it simpler for gamers to stay engaged in their game.

Which way they choose to reduce the noise varies from gamer to gamer. You would be surprised to know that many people still prefer to use a noisy, mechanical keyboard.

Some games that love to also type, enjoy the noise and the tactical pressure that gives their experience a powerful, premium feel. However, to each their own!

We have discussed a few ways to reduce the noise. Hopefully, it has helped you.

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