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PITB Launches Data Centre and Cloud Computing Services

Wednesday, December 05, 2012-Government has formed Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), which provides Data Centre and Cloud Computing Services. At an occasion organized at Arfa Software Technology Park, where the services for private and public sectors were announced. Explanation of terms, process and advantages regarding Cloud Computing were revealed in the ceremony. At PITB VPS Hosting, Hosted Exchange, Web Hosting and SharePoint Hosting are supplied in Cloud Computing project called as “Cloud for Everyone” which is the first ever Governments Public Cloud. The services are capable for supporting and establishing of government or private business at any level.


The cost for these services is very affordable for all people like Windows Hosting P3 costs Rupees 7000 per month. Various features of PITB Data Centre are; full time availability of technical services, highly specialized infrastructure, 10G network connectivity, ensured security, disaster recovery and comfortable usage of the services. Self service portal and public cloud services are also offered whereas the assurance for the business continual is also given. is the official website of PITB and they also give one window operation, co location services, centralized repository and flexible web hosting services. This project is started by the government in order to provide the best and efficient IT services to institutions, business communities and public sectors.

This project can not only enhance the working efficiency of the business and institution, but also increase its economy. PITB chairman also ensured the secure availability of services and its creative infrastructure to bring about the highly challenging and efficient innovations in the business, public and private sectors. PITB is highly sincere and hard working in providing the world best services to the different people, so that they can work on sound grounds and in established economic cultural environment conveniently.

SharePoint Hosting Plan:

Share Point Hosting PITB


VPS Hosting Plan:

VPS Hosting IPTB


Windows Website Hosting Plan:

Windows Website Hosting PITB

PITB claims that its data centre offer:

  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Centralize Repository.
  • Co-location services.
  • Up to 10Gig Network Connectivity
  • Flexible use of Network services
  • Public cloud services
  • Secure and highly available webhosting services.
  • Powerful modeling of the infrastructure.
  • Highly available, reliable and secure quality services.
  • One window operation for the support services.
  • Reduced operational Costs
  • Availability of Value added services.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity assurance.
  • Self Service Portal
  • 24/7 availability of efficient technical support Services.