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How to Configure your PTCL Router and Wifi Settings

How to configure PTCL router

Usually internet router is provided by the internet service provider to home users and they send their representatives to configure the router. These agents only configure the router for simple use and they don’t guide the users how they can set up the router to get most of it. There are so many features almost every router offers but people are not aware about that. For example many internet users are fed up with their neighbors as they ask for the wifi password for use and they can’t deny them even if they don’t want to share the internet with neighbors.

In this article I will guide you how you can configure your router to make it more useful by using all its features. In Pakistan people usually use TP Link router or other routers provided by PTCL. In Pakistan PTCL is the widely used internet service so I will guide you how you can configure PTCL router.


Open PTCL Router Web Interface

First of all you need to open your internet browser which is most likely Google Chrome or any other which you use. Then in the address bar you have to enter the PTCL router IP address which is in most of the cases. Or you can check the IP address at the back side of modem/router provided by PTCL. You can also search on internet for 192.168.l.l to check the possible password of your router. When you enter the PTCL modem IP it will ask you to enter the username and password. For old PTCL routers, admin is the username and admin is the password but in new routers username is still admin whereas password is different for different devices. You can find the password written on the back side of your modem. Click on login button after entering the username and password. It will log you in to the web interface of the router provided by PTCL.

Change PTCL Router Password

If you want to restrict other people to access your router then you should change your default password which anyone can know by looking at the back of your router. To change your PTCL Modem password, you shoul follow the steps below:

  • Click on Management from the left menu of router’s interface
  • Click on Access Control from the sub menu
  • Click on Password from the two options available in access control menu
  • If it ask for username, enter the username “admin” (without inverted commas)
  • Write your old password in the appropriate field.
  • Write New Password which will be used to login to router settings next time.
  • Re enter new password to confirm the password.
  • Click on Apply/Save button

It will change the password of your router, make it sure that you save the new password at some secure place so that if you forget the router’s password you can check it from where you are saving it.

How to Check Who is Connected and Using Wifi

If you feel that your speed of the internet is slow and you don’t know how many users are using your internet connection then you can check the connected devices by following steps below:

  • Click on Wireless from the left menu
  • Click on Station Info from the sub menu of Wireless
  • It will show you the mac addresses of all the devices connected with your internet router.

How to Change PTCL Wifi Password

If you have provided your wifi password to your neighbors and now you don’t want them to use your internet then PTCL wifi password change is good option. To change the wifi password of your PTCL router, first you need to open the web interface of your router’s configuration with the method provided above and then follow the steps below:

  • Click on Wireless from the side menu
  • Click on Security from the sub menu of Wireless
  • From Manual Setup AP section navigate to WPA/WAPI passphrase OR Wifi Passowrd
  • Here enter your new wifi password
  • Click on “Click here to display”. It will show you the new password, take a screen shot and save it somewhere so that you can get it back if you forget the password.
  • Click on Apply/Save. And it will change the wifi password of your router. You just need to restore your router after changing the password.

After changing the password, you need to enter the new password on all your devices that you want to connect with the wifi router to use internet.

How to Change Wifi Name or Network SSID

Network SSID is the name of your wifi which will be visible on all the access points or on mobile devices. If you want to change wifi name then you need to follow these steps after login to router’s settings

  • Click on Wireless from the left side menu of router
  • Click on Basic from the sub menu of Wireless
  • In SSID field write the new name which you want to set
  • After writing the new name click on Apple/Save button
  • Your router will be restart and now name of your wifi will be changed. You need to connect your devices by giving the same password but selecting the new name of wifi.

After you change the name, all the devices will need to re connect with the wifi by selecting new SSID name and old password.

There are so many other options like parental guide, blocking specific URLs and blocking devices by using mac filters. I will keep you update with these settings soon.

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