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The Onset of CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining Services

How the Latest technology of CNC Machining came about is a question most people want to ask. The invention of this cutting-edge technology in the industries has completely revolutionized the way metal products are produced. CNC Machining Services are here for decades now and industries rely on this technology that produces precisely designed metal parts.

What makes it greater is that CNCs do not require continuous human intervention throughout the process. Workers just give initial input to the machine and the rest is done by it. You have to just give a detail of what you want to make and how to be made, the CNC Machine will complete your said task with accuracy and at a high speed.

CNC machines or robots (to be precise) have made metal cutting an easy job, which makes them a must for industries throughout the world. The onset or birth of this technology occurred somewhere between 1940 and 1950. The man behind the concept, John T. Parsons, who first created the NCs (Numerical Controlled) machine that set the foundation for CNCs. Later, with the collaboration of Frank L. Stulen, Parsons employed different computational methods to crack machining setbacks, for example, the precise cutting or interpolation of a helicopter blade.

The design and development of the machine was a job involving lots of intricacies and complexities. Parsons was developing smoother rotors, in order to achieve what he aspired, he even turned to MIT’s servomechanisms lab. He wished to develop a feedback system in order to calculate how much flexibility the controls have acquired (in terms of turning).

This system was first put on display the September of the year 1952. The feedback system that was developed in the MIT lab became a success, and its success made way for the invention of the system that could turn in any dimension and produce a finely cut metal or plastic part.

The onset of CNCs did not come through in one click. It was Giddings and Lewis Machine Tool Co. who carried on with the project even after a halt in funding from the Air force. With their efforts, the Numerator Controller was invented that exchanged punch type readers with Magnetic Tape Readers.

Well, this is not it, the first appearance of CNCs occurred when John Runyon manufactured punch tapes with computer control. This made people notice the effectiveness of CNCs in terms of time and speed. A task that would have taken 8 hours or more to complete, with the help of CNCs, it was achieved in 15 minutes; a milestone indeed.

In the year 1956, efforts began to develop a computer language for the CNCs. Then in the year 1957, the AIA and Air material command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented a complete Computer Controlled Machine.

There were quite a few problems in the development process of CNCs, but they finally came through in the late 50s. And today, CNC Machining Service is one important aspect of the industrial market.

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