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The Pakistani Celebrity Mahira Khan Becomes the Face of Huawei

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Product marketing is very important to make the business successful as it educates the customer about its significance in their life. Huawei, one of the popular smartphone brands worldwide, started business in Pakistani market before two years. Now, the company is going local with TV ads which will definitely help the company increasing their market share.

In the first Huawei local ad, the multitalented Pakistani actress Mahira Khan will be working and in a few coming days, according to our resources, the ad will be up.

The multitalented TV actress is well known for her blockbuster Pakistani movie “Bol” and role in the drama serial “Humsafer”, which broke all the previous records and received highest ratings in the history of Pakistani drama industry. It is also the most critically acclaimed drama serial.

The male model, Emad Irfani and Mahira Khan are featuring the ad, shot in Thailand for the newly launched smartphone of Huawi in Pakistan: The Ascend G700 Dual SIM smartphone.

In the past, plenty of Huawei commercials were aired on the television for the device P6, G510, and Y320, but they were not proved successful and remain unnoticed because of lacking local face and were not targeted to the Pakistani audience. On the other hand, Q-Mobile spends a hefty sum of their revenues on commercial which features the top national and international celebrities, making the company “The Largest Smartphone Selling Brand in Pakistan”. Now, the expectation are high that with this TV commercial, the company’s newly launched model will be able to grab the audience attention.

Though, Huawei is a new brand in Pakistan but their devices will surely give tough competition to its rivals such as Q-Mobile, Samsung and Nokia. The devices of the company offer amazing features, target different segments and now company’s focus on the advertisement through local face will make them noticed.

Samsung and Q-Mobile are the top rivals and both of these brands dominating the local market. Q-Mobile made dozens of Television commercial with renowned celebrities and so does Samsung, featuring Josh Band and Humaima Malik on their TV commercials. However, we believe that its time for the Huawei to gear up.

Does Huawei’s newly launched smartphones will be able to increase the company’s brand awareness and give tough competition to the rivals. Have your say on the comments box below.

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