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4 Things to Consider to Promote Your Blog by Guest Posting



After latest Google’s algorithms about private blogs networks, many bloggers stop getting guest posts to grow their blog’s readership. Bloggers believe that like low-quality profile links and spammy blog commenting, blog posting is also a black hat technique in Search Engine Optimization. They need to realize that there is a clear difference between the private blog networks and quality guest blogging. Many SEO experts still getting good results by placing profile links and blog comments, but they know how to do the real white hat work. They don’t spam the forums or blogs to get the top ranking like a madman. In a similar way, guest blogging is still the most effective way to grow the blog’s readership without any risk of getting a penalty from Google.


Here I will discuss 4 things which you should consider before you get a guest post for your blog.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

We all know that extensive use of anything can be harmful, same is the case with guest blogging. Many bloggers when start working on guest blogging, the go after it like there is no other option left and they overdo it. If you keep writing on same topics and post that content on different other blogs to get the inbound links for your money blog, then Google can consider this a misuse of guest blogging and you should expect a penalty from Google for this work.

As you know, slow and steady wins the race, so be careful while writing the guest posts. Don’t go too fast and only provide informative articles on only relevant websites and keep changing the anchors to link back to your blog. Try to get the backlinks from forum postings (I am not talking about forum profiles) from those forums where you are an active member. Also, do comments on different blogs wisely. With these keep getting guest posts from different blogs. If the blog from where you are getting the post is good, then don’t worry if they are providing you NoFollow link or branded link. Just get whatever you can from a good blog. But make it sure do all your work slowly in a natural way.


Always Provide Useful Information in the Content

Many bloggers write promotional articles for guest blogging. This is not the right way for getting guest posts. If someone is allowing you to post your link on their blog, then first you have to understand the behavior of that blog’s readers. You should sell what articles and stories are getting more traffic on that blog. Then try to write on the topic which is famous on that blog and try to provide maximum information that can help the readers of those blogs instead of promoting your website, product, or services.

Here is an example of a post which is providing useful information about configuring PTCL Wifi Router.

When active members of that blog read your post and they feel that this post has much information, they will read the full article and there are high chances that they will share the post on their social profiles like FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. If you provide the useful content to the readers, they will more likely visit your link as well but if you keep promoting and praising your own services they might don’t read the full article and will not visit your blog as well.

Get Guest Post From the Same Niche

If you are selling mobile accessories and you are getting backlinks from a clothes store, it won’t help you a lot. The people on clothes store are interested in buying the clothes and they will not give a second look to your mobile accessories backlink. If you are an SEO company providing SEO services, then try your best to get a backlink from those blogs who are providing SEO tips and tricks to the users. Readers who want to know the SEO tips, they might be interested in your SEO services as well.

If your anchor is SEO Company Cambridge, then your target should be posting informative articles on SEO blogs with TLD. In this way, you will not only get the attention of those readers who are interested in SEO services, but you will get in touch with people who are close to your, who live in the same city or at least in the same state. So it would be much comfortable for the readers to contact you personally if they find that you are near to them.

Give Importance to Alexa Rank and Social Signals

Many bloggers just want to get the guest posts from high domain authority and high trust flow sites. They totally ignore the Alexa ranking of the blog. Alexa rank gives an idea how much traffic that website has. If you are getting a guest post from a blog which has 50+ DA and 20+ trust flow, but its Alexa is 2M or 3M then it is useless, because such blogs have no visitors at all and it is totally useless to get posts from such blogs. Though domain authority and trust flow are important factors to check the authority of a blog; but these stats can change in any update and it could come from 50 to 10 in no time.


Whereas if a blog has DA only 20+ and Alexa rank in the range of 500K-1M then it means that this blog has at least 150 to 500 daily average visitors. So as per my understanding, it is good to get a blog post from such a blog which have good Alexa and slightly lower domain authority as compared to blogs with high domain authorities and bad Alexa rank. While checking the Alexa rank, always remember the smaller value is good and higher values are bad.

You should also check the social signals of the blog from where you want to get a guest post. If a blog is popular on social media, if it has good Facebook page, Twitter followers, Google plus followers, then it means your blog post will not only reach to the organic visitors of that blog but your post will also reach the wide audience through social media profiles of that blog.


To grow blog reach and to promote your products and services, guest blogging and guest posting is still the best way as you can easily engage the readers of other blogs using your eye-catching content and can bring them to your own blog. But you should pick and chose the blogs from where you need to publish a guest post and don’t go after the guest blogging blindly.