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Huawei Gaming Experience With Turbo GPU Software Based Update

Huawei GPU Turbo Gaming Experience

Huawei GPU Turbo Gaming Experience

Mobile users who love to play games on their Smartphones, they prefer a mobile which offers a powerful hardware to support high-end graphics games. They make it sure that RAM is good enough to load the game, they also need maximum internal storage for a better performance.

But, the main attraction of the gaming lovers is the Graphics Processing Unit i.e. GPU of a mobile. If the GPU is powerful and built using the latest technology then the users can enjoy the latest games on their mobile device for a long time.


But a time comes when your hardware is not good enough to support the latest games on the market. At that stage, one has to change his or her mobile device so that they can get the latest model with an upgraded GPU.

Obviously, changing a mobile phone is not easy, as you have to transfer all your data to a new device. You also need to do the settings of your mobile again and above all, it is very costly.

Huawei, the largest Chinese mobile brand and the 3rd largest Smartphone selling brand worldwide have provided a solution for gaming lovers. Now, you don’t need to change your Huawei mobile to meet your gaming requirements.

NoypiGeeks have published an image on their official website almost a week ago which shows that Huawei is going to release GPU Turbo Software Update for the different mobile users.


An event took place in Shenzhen, China, Huawei presented their software based Turbo GPU technology. Huawei claims that with this technology, mobile users can see a great improvement in the performance of the mobile as it will upgrade the power of the GPU.


With this upgrading of the GPU at the software level, the user can experience 60% improved performance out of their GPU which means that now that particular user doesn’t need to buy another mobile to play the latest games. Even the mobile user who is using an older version of Huawei can enjoy the new games which he was not able to play earlier on the same mobile device.

This GUP upgrade will not only increase the graphics performance, but it will also improve the power usage up to 30%.

Here is the GPU Turbo software update schedule of Huawei Honor and other models:

Huawei Honor GPU Turbo Software Update

Turbo GPU Software update Schedule