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Cellular operators challenge PTA orders in Islamabad High Court


Friday, 23 November 2012-Today. The Mobile services operators in Pakistan have confronted the directions of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to discontinue all the night mobile call packages and babbling services, as these are exploiting the societal traditions, in the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

All the mobile phone corporations collectively put forward a documented appeal in IHC, mentioning that uptil now no rule has been passed to standardize the content on mobile services. According to them, the mobile phone corporations have presented a number of call packages to the clients and these could not be discarded because most of them are very beneficial to the clients as aligned with quoted grounds related to ethical issues.

These mobile phone organizations could not finish all the offers simultaneously especially those which are utilized greatly by the clients for constructive functions. Moreover, they plead that censorship cannot be enforced on dialogue between two persons as lawfully it is illegal.

IHC has ordered PTA to present an answer against the plea by November 26.

PTA officials asserted that these night offers are very much profitable for these associations as they can produce extreme profits through them. Any kind of stoppage of these packages will harm the profits of cell phone organizations.

PTA directives have argued that Pakistan Telecommunications Act 1996 asserted that to control competition in the telecomm industry, safeguard of the client rights and to make sure that the well-being of customers, the telephonic services are accordingly protected.

Currently, a Senate’s Standing Committee under the Cabinet Division had ordered PTA to discontinue all mobile night call offers that are very inexpensive as most of them range between 1Rs to 3Rs per hour.

Still, at the federal level, there are no orders issued uptil this time to mobile phone corporations who had sustained there night offers to the customers which initiated in May 2008.

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