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PTA Selects Consultants For 3G, License Auction Likely in Early 2013

Wednesday, November 21, 2012- Selecting a consultant for 3G license auction was a daunting task for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority as the authorities made two botched efforts. PTA has currently as a final point elected three counselors for its 3G auction which is supposed to be occasioned on some date in mid-January 2013.

The Auction Supervisory Committee held a conference the previous day in which it was exposed that PTA has completed the proceedings regarding the consultant selection medley for its 3G auction.In a conference headed by Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, the Pakistan’s Finance Minister, it was revealed that an announcement was broadcasted on November 7, 2012 in the newspapers that contained job openings for consultants for the 3G auction.

The sources moreover asserted that in reply to the advertisement, about 51 candidates had sent their CVs and after further

analyzing these were reduced to 27 applications. Further, after going all the way through various kinds of evaluation measures, the PTA authorities have selected only three interviewees for the vacant post.

  • Mr. Rob Nicholls for the responsibility of Valuation Advisor
  • Mr. Dennis Ward for the tasks of Spectrum Auction Deign Advisor
  • Mr. Martin Sims for the position of Auctioneer/Auctions Software Advisor

The ASC conference revealed that all three personnel are hired for small durations and the total expense upon them would be about USD 545,000 or PKR 51,775,000 for three months.

3g-license-pakistanLater, Mr. Farooq Awan, the Chair of PTA, proclaimed that the 3G auction will be initiated in mid January next year in Pakistan. He assured that the powers would organize street demonstrations in the cities of Far East, main cities of Europe and in some places of Middle East. These activities are destined to catch the attention of probable sponsors towards this important event and help to control the imbalanced payment catastrophes in Pakistan.

Mr. Awan said that one of the hired consultants was allocated the job to develop a software to ensure the security, open-ness and clearness in the auction. Management will further form a supervision committee of journalist, media personnel and some international people to make the dealings just and truthful.

PTA Chair told that Pakistan will get a profit of USD 900 million from this event

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