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Mobile network portability benefits recalled by chairman PTA

After one week of permanent ban on the mobile network portability service issued by the government, the chairman of Pakistan telecommunication authority has talked to media and recalled the positive aspects of the newly launched high-end service for the loyal customers of mobile networks. While talking on a live show on dunya TV, Muhammad farooq awan mentioned that the halt on the mobile network portability has some downward impacts on the telecommunication industry.


The MNP ban was implemented in order to avoid the security risks and terrorist attacks in the country that was due to the use of non registered SIMs, however, according to him the users who are benefiting from the service are the ones that can be easily identifiable as they have performed all the necessary documentation while transferring the network from one service to another. There data and records are kept in a much clearer way and such customers are considered to be as loyal for the company. They are helpful for the telecommunication companies and for the country as the high revenue is generating by the long term commitment and use of the services by them.

Moreover, he further stated that Pakistan was the first country in the region to introduce the mobile portability service and successfully transferred 25 million users from one mobile operator to another. The step taken by government in the form of ban and other important measures is inversely affecting the industry and he said that such steps are taken in urgent situations without understanding the real benefits and impacts of the service on the Pakistani economy.

There is a likelihood that the concerned governmental authorities will reconsider the decision of ban after having a meeting with the telecommunication authorities that will held today. Critics are of the view that certain consultation should take place before the implementation of the ban so that country should not face any embarrassment in the international media.

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