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How To Check Your Own Mobile SIM Number: Telenor Zong Jazz UFone or Warid

how to check telenor sim number

Have you forgotten your SIM number? If you want to find your Telenor, Jazz, Zong, Ufone or Warid SIM number without balance, then read this post till the end. Sometimes, it happens that people buy a new SIM and the forget its number and they also don’t have any balance to check the number by sending a message or by making a call to other numbers.


So, in this case, there should be a way to check your Telenor SIM number or any other mobile network’s SIM number without balance. The good news is that you can find Telenor, Zong, Jazz, Ufone or Warid SIM number even if you don’t have any balance in your number. In this article, I have provided different methods to find your own mobile phone SIM number.

He gave me a few tips to check Telenor, Zong, Jazz, Warid and UFone sim numbers without balance. Now I am going to share with you. By knowing these tips you can also get your mobile numbers if you forget.

How to check your own Telenor SIM number

Method 1: Send a blank SMS to “7421” and you will get your SIM number on the same SIM in an SMS.

Method 2: There is a specific number on the back side of each Telenor SIM which starts with 0060. Send this complete number by using another Telenor SIM to 346 and you will get the number of that specific SIM via SMS on other SIM.

Method 3: Dial *11# and then enter any other number and select a “call me message” option. The other number will get your SIM number in its inbox. 10 paisa will be charged for this service.


How to check your own Warid SIM number

Method 1: Go to write a message and write “CM”, give a space and then write any other mobile number which you have. Send this SMS to “121”. You will get a confirmation message on the other mobile number. This confirmation message will have your number which you forget. For example in write message write CM 03219876543 and send it to 121. You will get your mobile number at 03219876543.

Method 2: In SMS write “MYNO” or “MyNumber” and send it to “6060” or “321” you will get your mobile number. Rs 2+Tax per SMS will be charged for this service.

How to check your own Jazz SIM number

You have to dial *99# from your Jazz number and after that, you will get your number on your SIM.

Watch this video to know how you can check your own Jazz Sim number if you forget the number and have no balance.


How to check your own UFone SIM number

Method 1: From your mobile, dial *780*3# and press send button. It will show your Ufone number on your mobile screen.

Watch this video below for more information about how to check UFone SIM number without balance.

Method 2: From your mobile, dial *1# and press send button. It will show your ufone number on your screen. It this doesn’t work try by changing the digit from 1 to 9. Like *2# or *3# up to *9#. This is because this code is different for different areas.


How to check your own Zong SIM number

From your phone, dial *100# and then select 1st option by writing 1. After that enter your any other active number on which you can receive SMS. After you send this message, you will get an SMS on the other number which will show your Zong’s SIM number.

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For more information watch the video below and you will know how to check ZONG Sim number without balance.


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