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PTCL Offers Discounts on EVO and Nitro Cloud Devices

Nitro Cloud

Evo Nitro Cloud

Everyone prefers newer technologies and devices because they not only help you in going with the trend but also benefit you more compared to the previous technology you were using of the same product. The best example would be mobile phones. There was a time when mobile phones were only meant for texting and making calls, but now cell phones have advanced to smart phones, it is like carrying a computer in your pocket as now we can do all those stuffs on our mobile phones that were possible only on our computers few years back. Still, telephone companies are playing their roles because no matter how advance the system of communication gets, telephones will remain the part of the process. Although, due to cell phones usage of telephones have decreased to a great extent but these telephone companies are still carrying on by releasing new offers and better internet connections.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, also known as PTCL, has announced for great discounts for its new customers who are potential, on buying Nitro cloud devices and EVO cloud. Customer does not need to pay for the devices required but in order to get this discount the customer has to make a payment for 3 to 4 months in advance. In this deal it is necessary to make advance payment for the discount; there can be no exception with this. According to PTCL, this new bundle package of 3 months will give maximum flexibility to Customer. Later, an option to get free cloud device will be given to the user with 3 months connectivity at much better price.

By such offers telecommunication companies are able to gather many customers and they are able to gather enough profits so to run the company as large number of users are still associated with them.


Tariff/packages Details:

EVO Cloud:

  • EVO Cloud 3 months bundle promo
    • Upfront Charges: Rs.6,500
    • Device: Free
    • Validity: 3 months
    • Monthly charges from 4th Month: Rs.2,100
  • EVO Cloud 4 months bundle promo
    • Upfront Charges: Rs.8,000
    • Device: Free
    • Validity: 4 months
    • Monthly charges from 5th Month: Rs.2,100

Nitro Cloud:

  • Nitro Cloud 3 months bundle promo
    • Upfront Charges: Rs.9,500
    • Device: Free
    • Validity: 3 months
    • Monthly charges from 4th Month: Rs.3,000
  • Nitro Cloud 4 months bundle promo
    • Upfront Charges: Rs.12,000
    • Device: Free
    • Validity: 4 months
    • Monthly charges from 5th Month: Rs.3,000


Offer Details:

  • New bundles shall offer Free EVO cloud & Nitro Cloud devices with 3 months data usage.
  • The new bundles shall be offered as an additional option to the 4 months bundle; so that customers can choose whichever package better suits their needs.
  • Packages will be offered on Postpaid billing patterns.
  • For both billing modes, customer shall have to make advance payment at the time of purchase for the respective products.
  • Offer is applicable for new sale only.
  • New packages are not applicable for package change.

Product Features:

  • Devices available in two models i.e ZTE & Huawei; each having slightly different features.
  • ZTE devices connect upto 5 Wi-Fi gadgets simultaneously and can be used as an external charger to charge other gadgets including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players etc.
  • ZTE cloud in addition also supports external data storage via the provided Micro SD Card slot.
  • Huawei clouds Connects up to 8 Wi-Fi gadgets simultaneously
  • Perfect for the on-the-go connectivity.
  • Unlimited Data Volume downloads
  • Fits easily in your pocket
  • Longer lasting battery life with an improved battery for both EVO & Nitro clouds
  • Built-in battery supports up to 12 hrs usage for both EVO & Nitro clouds
  • Speeds up to 9.3Mbps in 200+ cities nationwide with Nitro Cloud
  • Un-interrupted roaming in 250+cities at 3.1Mbps speeds with EVO Wi-Fi cloud
  • Simple, one touch connectivity