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Want To Make Free Landline Calls? All your Solutions Lie Within PTCL SmarLink

ptcl smartlink

ptcl smartlink

Worries of your escalating land line bills, phone line going dead or service blocked due to non-payment, and unavailability to make land line PTCL calls from your cell phones due to credit exhaustion, and paying high postpaid bills; no more need to bother anymore as all worries will come to an end now. Now, you can make free landline calls and can receive all important PTCL calls from those having your PTCL number, even if you are not at home. Yes! This is true, pack all your tensions in a departure bag and wave them good-bye. If you are using any other internet facility, replace it with PTCL Broadband DSL as the company is complimenting its DSL users with SmartLink App for their Android sets.

Activating this App for your landline number allows you to make absolutely free of cost calls to any PTCL number and attend calls made on your PTCL number in any Wi-Fi connected environment, even outside your home. The App has great performance level and you can even send text messages and make video calls to other users of SmartLink via this App. It also allows you to enjoy the facility of 150 channels being provided by PTCL smart TV. It also provides accurate results for your search regarding PIA flight schedules and other queries regarding PIA services.


This App has successfully reached in a number of cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad till now. With the success rates of this App, it is quite obvious that SmartLink will soon expand its roots in all other cities too.

How can you be able to start using PTCL SmartLink:

If you are a PTCL Broadband DSL user, then you can simply download the SmartLink App on your Smartphone, fill all the criteria of registration. The App is activated after verification of all the categories of your detail input, including your name, your PTCL connection details and information of your user ID, your email address, CNIC and your present contact number. All the information that you provide must match your details given while getting your PTCL DSL connection. After fulfilling all requirements, either you can wait so that any staff member of PTCL calls you within the time of one day and confirm your subscription details. It you do not want to wait, you can immediately call 1236 to activate SmartLink right away.

Other worth Highlighting Features and Compatibility Requirements:

  • You need a PTCL landline number and PTCL Broadband DSL service to start with SmartLink App.
  • Your PTCL number should be registered in any one of the cities in which SmartLink has begun operating.
  • Once activated, you can make calls to all landline numbers within the defined territory of Pakistan, from SmartLink.
  • You must activate call forwarding facility on your PTCL number and feed your number in your Android’s SmartLink
  • App to App video calls and SMS are free of cost.
  • To watch Smart TV channels via this App, you need to subscribe Smart TV first.


As far as now, multiple user login IDs feature is not enabled on this App. It does not require any subscription charges and is not compatible to use beyond the bounds of Pakistan.