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Current Mobile Phone Jammers Are Not Able To Block 3G/4G Signals



One of the big issue that government authorities, and law enforcement agencies are facing regarding 3G technology is, its signals cannot be blocked through mobile phone jammers deployed at Senate, National Assembly, as well as other sensitive locations, and installations.

The government authorities are constantly in touch with the PTA to find the solution of this serious issue.

The local news channel has reported that the law enforcement agencies are showing serious concerns as the mobile phone jammers installed on various sensitive locations are completely ineffective; therefore, data as well as voice reception is totally possible on these sensitive installations.


The mobile phone jammers are actually the devices that are used to transmit a signal which results in blockage or distortion of all the legitimate signals received from cellular operators, or any other electronic device.

It is revealed that the mobile phone jammers installed at the sensitive places in our country are only capable of blocking the signals at 900 MHz, and 1800 MHz bands which is good enough for all the 2G networks, but these jammers are totally ineffective in the 3G era.

It is pertinent to mention here that there are a number of mobile phone jammers available that are equally effective to disrupt or block the multiple frequency band signals, but some manufacturers still producing the single or double frequency mobile jammers to increase their profits.


Now, it become obvious that the jammers installed in our country are not capable of blocking the 2100 Mhz signals that is used by 3G networks, which simply means that the authorities have to upgrade or replace all the old jammers currently in use to avoid any inconvenient situation.

This situation simply means that the government is going to do another tender, and give more chances to their FnF to make some serious bucks from the tax payer’s money.

It is also necessary to mention here that the jammers installed by the individuals are also become ineffective with the arrival of 3G technology.



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