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Telenor Replaces its Infrastructure with 3G Ready Network


The telephone operators in Pakistan such as Ufone and Telenor have already equipped their infrastructure with all the equipment necessary to run the 3G technology smoothly on the devices of their customers. In an interview with media, Mr. Gyorgy Koller, the Chief Technology Officer of Telenor Pakistan said that more than 7500 cell sites in all over the country are 3G ready and they have already completed the network swap project successfully.  He further added that all the system that monitors controls and manages the network has now been replaced with end to end IP network.


With this up gradation in the network, all the service related complains will be reduced and the user would surely enjoy the improvement in the network. The Chief technology officer of the network has claimed that they have equipped themselves with the most modern currently available networks in the world.

The primary reason of network up-gradation is to provide quality services to the customer by going green with lesser consumption of energy and equipped the company’s network with the essential 3G/4G requirement. The company is currently equipped with necessary infrastructure to run the smooth 3G services smoothl. However, in order to deploy the 4G, minor up-gradation is required.

The company has not given the exact number of sites that will run on 3G after the auction in April but, Gyorgy Koller said that this decision is yet to be taken by the company which depend on the factors like license obligation, cost of license, customers’ uptake and market dynamics.

With this up-gradation in the network, cost of operation would significantly be reduced as the latest network equipment allows the company to use 25% lesser energy. This is an intelligent decision as the electricity shortfall causing the company to bear a lot of cost in the shape of generators maintenance, acquisition and fuel to not only Telenor but other service providers in the industry as well. The “Going Green” decision will surely paid off well in the long term.


The chief Technology officer has officially confirmed that company has the plan to expand its network in the country because the market is growing at a very faster pace and there are plenty of untapped region in the industry. By rolling out cell sites, company plans to increase their number of customers. The need for new cell-sites exists already due to the introduction of 3G/4/G technology in the country and the benefits of increasing the number of cell-sites would be twofold in the future. He further explained that 3G network provides up to 20Mbps speed per station while 4G network give the speed in the range of 100-200Mbps and when the number of customer in the network increases the need for new cell-sites will emerge later on.