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Apple, Google and Tesla are Now Ready to compete in Car Dashboard

Apple Car Play

Apple has just unveiled CarPlay in the International Motor Show which held in Geneva. With CarPlay, it will become very easy and safe to use the device inside the car. On the other hand, Google has already set Alliance with the companies like Honda, Ford in this regard and the first car equipped with the latest feature by Google will be releasing at the end of this year.

CarPlay is no doubt an innovative feature that lets you do all the smartphone related activities such as answering the call, getting direction from your iPhone, sending text and listening to the music while driving on the road. In order to enjoy this feature, you will have to use the touchscreen or knob on your dashboard for interacting and giving direction to the smartphone.

If you have iPhone 5/s or 5c then you can interact with your device while connecting it with your car. Initially, the app will support some basic function only which includes GPS-tracking, texting, voice calling and music playback. The applications like Spotify and Podcasts will also be supported and off course Siri (the revolutionary virtual assistant) will be there to help you in getting the things done.

Honda is manufacturing the cars that will be compatible with CarPlay and other companies such as Ferrari, Volvo, Jaguar, Hyundai and Ferrari also showing their interest and it seems these companies will add this revolutionary feature in their latest models to tempt the customer.

The iOS product marketer and Apple’s vice president, Greg Joswiak says, “Apple customers always want to have their content on fingertips and Carplay lets the user to use iPhone with minimum distraction.”

Top Rivalries

It seems as Apple will face tough competition again as Google has already started working with the partners like Audi and Honda. There are many other companies as well that are offering similar features but the Apple’s biggest rivalry in this niche will be Tesla which has already equipped their cars with 17’’ display that runs on Linux based UI.

At the end of this year, cars with Apple’s CarPlay will be available in the showrooms. However, people living in the countries other than Europe will have to wait for some more time.

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