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Telenor website susceptible to hacking risk-breaching of customer data became possible

One of the leading Pakistan’s telecom company Telenor has faced the potential hacking act by the Pakistani hacker who instead of using the data and information available on the telenor’s website, report the company about the vulnerability of the system towards possible threat that could be wrongly used by negative elements. The hacker has not revealed his identity; however, he managed to impart the knowledge regarding the bug present in the website that could lead to the disclosing of the absolute data present in the customer base to the company’s management. Apparently, the problem was detected and solved through instant inspection by the Telenor management.

The hacking risk involved the biggest security threat in the company’s system that can allow hacker or even any computer operator having basic knowledge of operating the computer to reach to the customer’s data that includes the information of mobile model used by the customer having Telenor connection, IMEI number, ICCID number, IMSI and other related details. By exploiting such data, the chances of blacklisting the number lie at the top. Moreover, the past record of the customer’s handset models could also be achieved by simply entering the Telenor SIM number in the hacked system.

The anonymous hacker got to know about the security breach while accessing the Telenor website and explained that it is very easy to detect the bug by anyone in order to get the customer’s information. With this, it has become obvious that private information of cellular customers is not in the safe hand and could be easily leaked by hacking the website. In response to this threat, the Telenor Pakistan Director corporate communications and responsibility, Ms Atifa Asghar said after knowing about the bug present in the system, we instantly looked into the matter and took mandatory steps to eliminate the chances of possible breach by anyone.

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