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Some Tips To Make Your PC Secure From Virus and Malware Attacks

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If you are a person who uses the internet regularly and downloads different software from different websites then you are under threat of a virus or malware attack. According to stats by Barkly, about 70% companies in 2018 said that they were attacked by a virus. Some of those attacks were successful while some were blocked as the companies were using good quality antivirus and anti-malware software.

Here we will provide you some tips that can help you in securing your PC and mobile devices from the attacks of different virus scripts and malware.

Download Files From Trusted Sources

If you need to download any software, make it sure that you are downloading that software from the trusted websites. Make it your habit to download any software from the official website of that software. For example, if you need to download Skype, then go to official website of Skype and don’t download it from any other website that provides a link to download from their own or any other unofficial website.

You must know these tips as well to stop malware from attacking your system.

Always Use Registered Software

Most of the people love to use the free or cracked software which is the biggest reason for virus and malware attacks. A hacker or an intruder create their own downloadable .exe files and they embed their virus script with the free download file of a quality software.

Some malware attacks come from the websites offering free registry keys, or those who are offering the free crack file for an expensive software. When you see the price of the software is 100$ or more and you are getting a crack for free, you will go for it, but unfortunately, you will download a file which includes a malware script and it will get installed on your PC or mobile device and ruin your life.

Install Any Software Carefully

While installing a software, make it sure that you read the instruction and also check if the file is downloading any extra software which you don’t require? You can check this by exploring different options if there are any checkboxes checked to download extra software.

If this is the case, then don’t download that extra software and uncheck that checkbox.

Use Registered Anti Malware or Anti Virus Software

It is recommended that you must install the registered and updated version of good quality Anti Malware and anti-virus software. Don’t wait for the virus or malware to attack your PC. When you install your Windows or when you turn on your mobile device for the first time, you should install a good anti-malware and anti-virus immediately.


If you take care of the authenticity of the website from where you are downloading the software and if you always use the registered software, you are secure from malware. For an extra layer of security and to minimize the risks, installing a professional antimalware is best practice.

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