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Longest Mobile Phone Call Ever Made in the World


Nowadays, mobile phone conversation lasts just a few minutes and it will not be wrong if we claim that in the coming years the average mobile phone conversation will get even shorter. Some of the people like to have long chit chat with their friends on the smartphone  for hours and we are going to share with you some interesting details about the longest mobile phone call that has been ever made!.


Two students of Harvard University, Avery A. and Eric R. Brewster, had the conversation on mobile for 46 hours 12 minutes, 52 seconds and 228 milliseconds. Both the students were not allowed to stop talking for more than 10 seconds however, they can have a 5-minute break after every hour to refresh themselves and gather their strength. This is though a pretty long mobile phone conversation but not the longest to win the place in Guinness Book of World Records. Another conversation, held in Riga, Latvia at the event organized by Tele2 communication was continued for 56 hours, 4 minutes and this is the longest mobile phone conversation ever made which is recognized by the Guinness World records!


So, how long have you had the conversation on your mobile? In the comment box below, you can tell us about the longest call mobile phone call that you have ever made to your friends.