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Announcement of MobiCash service by Mobilink Pakistan

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 The name of the mobile financial service is mobicash, a similar sort of brand name that is adopted in many countries for the same type of service. With the launch of this service, the mobilink customers will get higher benefit in terms of saving time, money and efforts to make their financial transactions happen by just using a mobile phone.

Mobilink has revealed the website dedicated to the mobicash service. All the related information and guidance is available on the website for the users so that they can get the awareness about the different financial services delivered by the newly launched brand. For the time being, the two services are running successfully including bill payments and money transfer from one person to other person. In order to avail the services of mobilink, the user is required to have an original CNIC card, one photocopy of CNIC and a network connection of any company. Only these mere requirements will lead to the quick transfer of money from one place to another.

In order to get these currently offered services, there are mobicash retailers, mobilink franchises and customer care centers. Such mobile financial services offered by mobicash will not charge hefty sum of money from the users and some charges are almost similar and even less than that of services provided by other companies. However, mobilink Pakistan has the biggest mobile network service in Pakistan and they have innumerable franchise and customer care centers all over the country. The mobicash retail outlets are under development and they can be emerged soon at nearby places for the easy access and expansion of the financial service so that masses can make use of it.

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