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Mobilink Finishes 3G Ready Network Up-gradation by July 2014




After Telenor, Mobilink has also shown readiness of its infrastructure for 3G network by making the announcement that it will finish the revamping of its more than 9000 sites across the country till July 2014. In May 2013, the company started the project of network modernization and it was expected that this process will take a year to make the network enable for smoothly running of the much awaited 3G network in the country.


The company stated that the objective of network modernization is to offer better services to customers. Now, customers will enjoy the fastest data speeds and good voice quality. Mobilink is currently the largest mobile phone operator in the country with more than 9000 sites across the country and considered one of the most favorite participants for winning the 4G license in the bid which is going to take place very soon. The money generated from the auction will surely boost the economy and attract the both the domestic and foreign companies to invest in the country which will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants.

The network modernization project will also improve the performance and services of the company as the new network is more spectrum-efficient and offer best quality even on the reduced number of nodes. Furthermore, the new infrastructure is environment friendly and reduces the cost by 30% lesser power consumption. By the end of July 2014, the network modernization initiative will be completed and allowing the users to have the new experience in voice and data products.

The network revamp project is expected to cost around USD 4.3 billion which the highest investment in the telecom industry and in order to celebrate this achievement, company has launched communication drive across social media, radio, television and print media to emphasize its supremacy in the telecom industry.

The Chief Commercial Officer, Bilal Munir Sheikh, said that their largest network across the country sets them apart from their competitors and more than 37 million people have been using their service which is the symbol of people’s trust on their services.


As the 3G/4G license auction is going to be held in the next month, being the market leader of the industry, Mobilink is considered heart favorite contestant.