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Warid’s new Mobile App to buy or sell cars in association with Pak-Wheels

Pak Wheels App

Do you want to buy or sell a car? Now it is easy to buy or sell any car, Warid brings an interesting mobile application in association with Pak-Wheels that will help you to access Pakistan’s largest Car database online. Through this application android smartphone users with 2.1 and above versions can sell and buy their cars. This application will help the users to inquire and locate prices of different car models available in Pakistan very easily and quickly. This application allows searching cars, posting car for sale, uploading car pictures, emailing the people who are interested in your offer, and much more. The size of the app is 2.11MB which is reasonable.


  • Search for a car
  • Fine tune your search results through accessible filters (City, Make, Model, Price Range, Type of fuel)
  • Post your car for sale and upload your car pictures directly from your mobile
  • Call the buyer with in-app call feature
  • Email the buyer with in-app email feature
  • Look at the price list of new cars
  • Upload picture of your car directly through the app and post for sale

This application can be downloaded only on Android OS Version 2.1 and above supported mobiles.

To download, please visit from your Warid mobile
Size: 2.11MB
Standard GPRS charges apply
Terms & Conditions apply


Hari Bati App

Ever get tired of being stuck in traffic?
Hari Bati which is one of the amazing mobile phone applications through which you can see traffic situation on a map. This will provide constant updates related to traffic situations directly on the android phones. This application has a notification system in it which is inbuilt through which you will get alerts if you are going in a direction to face traffic jam. Warid GPRS is required to download these applications. Applications can be use by using a Wi-Fi connection after they are installed by using Warid GPRS. This app will save your time and will help you in emergency situations. The size of this app is 3.84 MB and this ap is available for Lahore users only.


  • Convenience login, which allows standard login features and users can connect through their existing Facebook account
  • Map interface provides the user with information about the traffic situation in Lahore, with the added facility to forecast traffic for the next 2 hours. Traffic prediction algorithm is an in-built part of the application which works on historical traffic data to work out future conditions
  • Users can manage efficient route planning to save time and distance
  • Get instant notifications about jams and traffic congestion points
  • Users can upload pictures of traffic jams to provide real time updates
  • Call emergency services 1122 and 15 and Motorway Police 130 through the in-app call feature

HariBati application is for Lahore only.

This application is available for all Android based (Version 2.1 and above) mobile phones.

To download, please visit from your Warid mobile
Size 3.84 MB
Standard GPRS charges apply
Terms & Conditions apply

Applications are only downloadable through Warid GPRS. Kindly disable Wifi to download the apps.
These apps will be followed by other similar kind of apps by Warid Telecom in the future as stated by CCO of Warid Telecom, Mr. Younus Sheikh. Warid telecom has been providing great quality services to its subscribers at lower rates. These two applications launch is a good step towars providing interactive apps which are not only user friendly but innovative.