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Nokia X – Nokia’s First Android Smartphone

1st android phone nokia x

1st android phone nokia x

All of the speculation regarding Nokia’s Android based devices were right. Nokia has now confirmed officially to launch its first Android smartphone. The Finnish company is not going to launch just a single Android device rather it is a launching a new series, Nokia X, having numerous Android based devices in the family that will be available in affordable prices. The important thing about Nokia X is that they run the “forked” Android version. From the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the Finnish companies took Android’s open source and write a new code with their signature on it. Stephen Elop, the Chief Executive of Nokia has made it clear that Nokia X will be the gateway to Microsoft cloud, not Google’s.

Google Play store has millions of application where people go to download their favorite application. However, this lacks in the Nokia X that means it will not have Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive and Maps which may disappoint some users. We still do not know the reason why it lacks the access to Google Play, but the user can download the application from Nokia’s official store and Yandex Store, the third party web store, very much popular in Russia.


Nokia is also throwing the OneDrive and Skype promo with Nokia X devices that will give 10 GB OneDrive cloud Storage and unlimited Skype service for one month. Though, the access to Google Play store is lacked but you can use APK files to side load the Android application.

Nokia X smartphones are not very high priced if compared to the Windows phone. The phone has excellent specification and features that justifies the price. The device has 4 inches IPS LCD touchscreen, 3MP camera that is fixed focus, 1 GHz dual core processor, 512 MB RAM and 4GB storage.

The devices are available in six colors, having the typical Nokia style giving you enough options to choose the best one that suits your taste and personality. However, it only supports the 3G connectivity having 7.2Mbps download speed. Nokia X has 1500mAh battery that has the talk time of up to 10 hours.

With Nokia X, the company has also unveiled two other devices: Nokia+ and Nokia XL. Nokia + has almost the same features of Nokia X except RAM which is slightly more in Nokia X+. Nokia XL is the third member in the family, priciest in the series, having 5” display but available in the affordable prices. All of the members in Nokia X support dual SIM connectivity. So, if you have more than one SIM card, then you may be tempted to these devices.


Within two to three months, the devices will be available for sale in Eastern Europe and South America but will not be shipping in United States and Western European countries.

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