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App developer’s workshop organized by Nokia Pakistan


Tuesday, 27 November 2012- In Karachi University, an app developer’s workshop was held by the nokia Pakistan in collaboration with P@SHA. The main aim of the workshop was to introduce the university students regarding the importance of the app development in the modern days of SmartPhones where the demand is at its peak in the Pakistani markets. The nokia Pakistan workshop lined the students to get trained in order to adopt the skills of app development for the S40 nokia touch phone series. The app development training was given by the senior engagement manager of Lakson business solutions, Faraz Ahmed.

NokiaDevelopersWorkshopWhile completing the training session with positive outcome, he expressed his feeling by saying that it was my honor to communicate with such brilliant students of Karachi university about the basics of nokia series of S40 along with the proper training on the SDK LWUIT 2.0, which is available to perform the nokia app development for the S40 range of touch phones. The students were sharp enough to know the advantages of this phenomenon for the growth of the society by content development and in all means; they were highly interested in taking parts in the workshop.

In the workshop, the students were keen enough to learn about the latest development from the professionals and their interests were quite clear to view. In the end of the workshop, all the participated students were awarded with certificates. Another mentor rabia azfar nizami, head DX, near east, nokia also talked to the media and appreciated the excitement and interest of the students who took part in the workshop. She was of the view that such workshops should be conducted on regular basis for the students so that they can give their best to the society by contributing their efforts through nokia platform, which is very popular brand in Pakistan.