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The ultimate target of having a website is to grow your business by getting hundreds and thousands of visitors on daily basis and then converting them into your value customers rather than just to show off that: “Look we have a website, we have official emails”. Obviously when you are investing on buying a domain and hosting account and you hired a professional developer to develop a good looking website for you then your target is not just print your website’s address on your visiting cards, obviously, you have to get business from your website.


For this, you need a website that loads fast even when getting a high volume of traffic and this goal can be achieved by using a CDN service along with your hosting plan. What is CDN, what are its advantages and why we need it, we will discuss this later in this article but at the moment you can check CDN pricing comparison from to see which CDN service is suitable for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling gadgets or you are delivering Pizza in the town or you are a doctor and providing your services over the internet; the ultimate goal is to get more and more customers and to spread your services over the largest marketing platform.

When you realize that just having a website is not enough and the main purpose is to spread your services to potential market then you should also understand that you can’t achieve this goal with the shared hosting plan which you have selected when you developed the website for the first time. You have selected a cheaper hosting plan to meet your budget and already paid a handsome amount to your developer for a beautiful website and you are also getting good visitors daily from your social media pages or from a printed address on your visiting cards.

Now you will feel that your website is getting a bit slow due to traffic you are getting. Obviously, no one likes slow websites so your hosting provider will advise you to transfer your website over the virtual private server (VPS) or on even faster dedicated serves which are very costly and only large networks can afford. In this case, you have only one option which your hosting provider will hesitate to tell you is to use a CDN and keep using your cheap hosting plan as well.

What is CDN and why you need it

In simple words, you can say that CDN is a content delivery network, or you can also say that this is content distribution network. Basically, a CDN is a set of proxy servers distributed globally in multiple data centers. The main purpose of a CDN is to deliver the content of your website to end user with fast speed. When you are getting a lot of traffic on your shared hosting plan then your website might loads with delay because your website is using many resources of a limited server.


End users on your website are accessing different files and data from your server and your server needs a lot of time to deliver these files or data to each user with the same speed. Specially for the NEWS websites or for the sites providing free information or tutorials which have a large audience all around the world; it is very difficult for shared hosting server which is deployed in the USA to deliver the same files to end users who are accessing the files from USA, China, Canada, Australia, India, Russia or other parts of the world. In this case, CDN is your best friend which can improve the speed of your server and CDN will deliver the required files to end user from its nearest server.

How CDN Works:

Basically, CDN stores the cached version of your website’s content at multiple geographical locations which are also called Point of Presence or PoP. This PoP consists of different cashing serves and they cover a predefined area. Each PoP is responsible to deliver the content of your website to end user who falls in the geographical area of that particular cashing server.

In this way, the distance between the user and the server from where data is coming reduces and end users receiving the files with more speed. CDN saves most of the static pages and images on its cache servers in different areas so that if a person sitting in China and accessing the website hosted in the USA, the user will get the static files and images, which are responsible for slowing down the serves, from the cache server i.e CDN and all other processes and calculations to generate dynamic pages done on the main server.

This process increases the load time of the website and user who is sitting in China will get the maximum content from the server deployed in China rather than requesting the content directly from the servers in the USA.

How CDN Works

Who uses CDN?

More than 50% of all traffic on the internet is getting the content from CDN servers, only a few webmasters don’t use the CDN service because they own localized websites which don’t need visitors from different geographical areas. But as everyone knows that purpose of having a website is to broadcast our message or promote your services away from your local area to a wide geographical area so all professional bloggers, website owners use CDN.

Especially the mobile, healthcare, advertising, media and entertainment, online gaming, higher education and even government sector websites use CDN to deliver the content to end users from their nearest servers.

If you have made up your mind to use a CDN to speed up your website load time then you must compare the different packages from different CDN service providers. For this purpose, you don’t need to visit a different website. Just visit SpaceCDN and compare all the packages then select the one which suits your needs according to your area.

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  1. i have shared hosting nd i get 100 visitors daily. some times i see an error on my website error establishing database connection. if i use a cdn with my website can i solve this issue? remember my website is on wordpress.

  2. siteground is good hosting they also provide free cdn service in their package. i am happy with it.

  3. CloudFlare is offering free CDN service. I am happy with that it increases the speed of my site and i can get more traffic then before.

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