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Android 4.x is Twice Stable than iOS 7.1


Most of the people like to use iOS as it is more stable than Android who crashes quite often. But the latest study has completely changed the perception. According to the Crittercism, the latest unveiled version of iOS 7.1 is the most stable version till date and when it is compared with Android, the results are even more surprising.


In real time, Crittercism conducted the study by processing more than 30000 requests per second from over 1 billion users. App uptime, responsiveness and account complexity were monitored in the study and the results show that iOS 6 crashed quite often than other versions of iOS with the percentage of 2.5 while iOS 7 and 7.1 crashed with the percentage of 2.1% and 1.6% respectively. On the other hand, Android operating system has been found far more stable with the crash rate of 1.7%. The other version of Android such as 4.0 or higher have the even greater stability rate with just 0.7% and it means the latest Android version are twice as stable as the iOS 7.1.

It has also been found in the study that phones are more stable than the tablets however, Android supported devices have the room for improvement. Many developers are still not be able to optimize the crash rate properly and if they able to do so on tablet then the crash rate will be lower even more. Plenty of companies such as HTC, Samsung or LG have been using the Android operating system but in terms of devices Samsung powered devices have the lowest crash rates.

The latest version of iOS 5s has the powerful hardware and great features than the prior versions but the iOS 5 has been found more stable with 1.7% crash rate than the latest device having the 2% crash rate.  If you like to play games on the smartphone, then you may experience the system crash quite often. The highest crash rate has been found in games which is not very surprising.


The results of the study are quite interesting and even surprising which may now change the people’s perception regarding the stability of Apple powered devices.