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What is BIOS? Why and How to Update BIOS version

ASRock BIOS update CHIP

Regular computer users are very well aware of the term BIOS which stands for Basic Input Output System. BIOS is responsible to start your computer as after Power on Self Test (POST) it passes control to boot loader which enables your operating system to boot. As we all know that our operating system is installed on our hard drive and we can uninstall, reinstall or upgrade our operating system anytime. But it is not true in case of BIOS as this is a low level system software and it is not installed on traditional hard disk drive. This low level system software is stored on a chip on motherboard.

Unlike computer’s operating system, we can’t upgrade the BIOS too often and most of the computer users have never upgraded their BIOS version. This is not as simple as just installing your Windows, every motherboard have its own version of BIOS and to upgrade your BIOS you need to get the latest version for exact model of your motherboard. So you should know how to check BIOS version and you should also know how to update motherboard BIOS.

It is recommended that you should take the help of your manufacturer before you take any step. For example if you need Bios update for ASRock then you should go to their official website and tell them your own BIOS version after that you should ask them if you need a BIOS update or not? They will guide your if you really need to update your BIOS or not and then they will also provide you the exact file for your system.

Why BIOS update is needed

There could be different benefits to update the BIOS version of your mother board. Sometimes you need to update your system’s BIOS to improve its speed but it is not necessary that every BIOS update will improve system’s speed. It can also be used to solve the overheating problem in different computers while you can also add support for a latest processor by updating your BIOS.

How to Update BIOS

If you buy a branded computer like from DELL, HP or some other brand, they can provide you an executable file to upgrade your BIOS. Their BIOS update utility will check if you system needs an update or not and it will also check if the versions are matching? If all things are good, then this file will update your BIOS you just need to launch that application.

Whereas if you have prepare your computer with your own choice then you need to go to your motherboard’s manufacturer website and from there you need to download the compatible BIOS version for your system by matching the model and the date. That might be a zip file which you need to unzip first and then open a text file which will guide you step by step on how to update BIOS.

You might need a USB drive and make it bootable or Run the DOS utility. You will also need to download some BIOS update utility from where you can run the exe file which you have obtained from the compressed downloaded zip file.


Just make it sure that version which you are going to install is exactly for your own motherboard. If you install a wrong version you might lost control on your PC and there are high possibilities that you will no longer be able to turn it on. In this case you will need to spend thousand of rupees to get it repaired or to get a new BIOS chip. Also make it sure that you have uninterruptible power for your computer. In case of electricity failure during the BIOS updating process, results could be horrible for you.

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