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How to Fix YouTube Server Problems on Mac: Guide From MobileFun

fix youtube server problems

YouTube is the most favorite video streaming site for most of the internet users as they can find a huge collection of different videos whether it be sports, entertainment, education or any other type of video. Although the server of YouTube is very stable and it never goes down but sometimes users feels problem while streaming YouTube videos. They can find different types of videos which might be not able to accessing the YouTube website or getting problems in accessing only a selected videos, their might be slow streaming problem, like/dislike buttons might also not working or freezing of video as well as crashing the YouTube page again and again.

There are very few chances that in such cases there is some problem at YouTube’s server as most of the problems are on user’s end which we can solve easily. The best way to overcome these problems is to download YouTube videos on your personal computer or mobile device so that you can watch them anytime anywhere in free time. For this purpose you can download and install Airy as Airy is an universal solution for all the issues you may experience with YouTube.

How to Fix YouTube Problems on Mac

There are various problems a user can face on YouTube so there is not a single solution for these problems.

To fix YouTube problems mac users must follow the steps below one by one until their problem is solved:

  • Reload the webpage: Most of the problems can easily be solved by reloading the webpage of your browser. Some times it happens that web page is stuck by overloading of different processes and refreshing the page an solve this problem after which your YouTube videos should start playing smoothly.
  • Restart your browser: If reloading the webpage don’t work then you should try restarting your web browser. Whether you are using Safari or Chrome or any other, just close it and then reopen your browser and open your desired YouTube video and enjoy.
  • Try different browser: It can be the problem of your web browser as well, so you should try some different browser if you are unable to access YouTube. Safari and Chrome are most stable browsers so you should try one of these if you are facing problems on other browsers. For mac users, Safari browser is best to access YouTube videos.
  • Clear cookies and cache: Clearing the cookies and cache of your web browser can also solve your problem. For chrome, go to settings and find the option to clear cookies and cache. It can work for you in most of the cases.
  • Update Web Browser: It is highly recommended that you should always use latest versions of all the applications. So for using a web browser, it is also important to update your browser to its latest version to access different sites without any error.
  • Use a VPN service: In some cases your organization or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) might have blocked YouTube for you. In this case, you just need to find a good VPN service and it will allow you to access blocked YouTube service at your computer from a different IP address.
  • Change video quality: If you are facing slow streaming problem and none of the above solutions worked for you then you should change the quality of your video from settings button on YouTube Video. Try lower quality videos and you will start experiencing video playback in normal speed.

If none of these solutions worked for you, then it should be the problem on YouTube server which normally never happens. In this case you don’t need to any thing except waiting for 20 to 30 minutes. After that try to access the YouTube site again and you should be able to play your videos easily.

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