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Some useful creative applications of 3D Printing technology

what are the applications of 3d printers

The invention of 3D printer makes life easy for the mankind, though many people don’t know the benefits of 3D printers. The first-ever 3D printer was invented in 1984 by Charles “Chuck” Hull which was an STL file format printer. 3D printers are in use in the industry since a long time ago for making the prototypes of different industrial products. It saves a lot of time and money for big business owners while they have to produce their final product with the help of their 3D prototype.

After industrial use, commercial use of 3D printers is increasing day by day. Here we will mention different uses of 3D printers.

3D printing in the automotive industry:

Picture Credit: General Motors

3D printing technology is used for automotive industry in making prototypes of different parts. In 2014 General Motors used 3D printer for the manufacturing of different parts which were produced for Chevrolet Malibu. GM said that back panels of front seats were made by STL 3D printer technology. General Motors said that using 3D printing was proved very useful for the front console which has mobile phone holders.

Ford Motor Company also used this technology in making the prototypes of different engine and vehicle parts such as brake rotors, cylinder heads, vents and shift knobs.

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Use of 3D Printer in Aerospace Industry:

There are many applications of 3D printer technology in Aerospace industry as well, recently NASA has used a 3D printer for making the engine injector of their rocket and it also passes the hot fire test. NASA claimed that this 3D printed rocket injector was far better than previously designed injectors by 3D printing and it generated ten times more thrust.

nasa 3d printer engine injector
Picture Credit: NASA.GOV

It was a test part and was designed for a small sized rocket but it was exactly like the injector of a big rocket. NASA said that they can produce the same injector for big rockets once it is production ready. NASA is expanding the use of 3D printer as they are planning to send a 3D printer in space as well so that astronauts can build the tools they need in the space. After the success of this plan, astronauts will no longer be needed to carry the tools with them as NASA is going to plant a mini factory at ISS (International Space Station).

3D Printed Gun:

3d printed gun

If you search on the internet, you may find many prototypes of 3D printed guns but Defense Distributed has claimed to design their first 3D printed Gun that works as well. Out of 16 total parts of the Gun, 15 parts are printed by a 3D printer and they named the gun as Liberator.

There are many other uses of the 3D printer such as doctors are using it for 3D printed organs with living cells and this technology can also help to give senses to disabled persons. Like, Yahoo is working on a project and they believe that they can create a printer that can convert the voice queries into physical objects.

Now, the use of the 3D printer is not limited to industry, but its commercial use is also increasing by every passing day. Students are also using it in few universities that can help them in their studies. There are various commercial 3D printers available in the market in very reasonable price and one out of these is Rabbit Printer. You can buy this printer in just 500 euros and the best thing about this rabbit printer is that its body is made up of steel which is rigid and can be operated at high speed without compromising on the print quality as it can handle the vibrations.

If you are also using a 3D printer and making some creative things out of it, you should share that with us in the comments and we will publish your creative 3D printed product on our blog.

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