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Best RepRap 3D Printer Kit in Range of 250-350 USD

We have discussed few 3D printers and their applications in various fields of life in our previous articles. Here we will provide a basic guide about the best 3D printer Kit in affordable budget. Before we discuss the affordable kits, we need to know about the term RepRap.

What is RepRap

RepRap is a project and the term stands for “Replication Rapid-Prototyper Project“. The basic purpose of this project is to provide an open source DIY (Do It Yourself) 3D printers to those people who want to use 3D printers at low cost. These printers can create anything, any object just like any other 3D printer with an additional feature of self-cloning. Which means that this is a machine which can clone itself.

With a RepRap, you can create almost all the parts which are required to create an almost identical 3D printer, so if you have a RepRap, you can create an identical 3D printer for your friend or another family member, which reduces the cost of buying a new printer.

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Now we will discuss some good 3D printer kits in the range of 250 to 350 USD.

Folger Technologies 2020 Prusa i3

Folger Technologies 2020 Prusa i3

The Folger Technologies 2020 Prusa i3 is one of the best printer Kit for the beginners. It has the power of an expensive desktop 3D printer1 and the best part along with its power is its simplicity of an erector set. The brand new Kit has almost everything which is required to assemble your 3-dimensional printer. You just need to arrange a surface glass to use with it.

The complete package includes complete Set of made in the USA black printed Plastic Parts, laser cut acrylic mounts, 12 LM8UU Linear Bearings (2 spares), 4 SK8 Mounts, 2020 Aluminum frameset, 3 steel motor mounts, 2 623ZZ Bearings, 8mm chromed linear Rod for X, Y, Z (Pre-Cut), 4 F623ZZ, 1 Direct Drive Extruder w/ Injection molded parts for 1.75mm ABS/PLA, 1 dual power 12v/24v heated bed, 5mm threaded rod, 360W 12v 30A Power Supply, power cable and much more.

After assembling the printer and getting basic training, you can easily convert your ideas into working objects easily.

RAISCUBE A8R Prusa I3 DIY 3D Printer Kit


RAISCUBE A8R is another one of the best Reprap Prusa Kit for 3D printer lovers. This is an open source Prusa DIY 3rd iteration model manufactured by the Chinese company RaiseCube and it is very affordable, you can get that for only $330 USD. It is very easy to assemble the different parts comes in the package, and it will take only a few hours to assemble the complete working 3D printer. The motherboard of the kit comes pre-wired, so there is nothing much you have to do.

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The build size of the printer is 210 x 210 x 225 mm which is maximum whereas the minimum thickness of the layer is 0.05 mm. The good thing about A8R Prusa is its heat bed and the nozzle, which heats fast and don’t take much time. It will not produce much sound to irritate you or the people around you, though its not completely quiet, but as compared to other printers, it has much less sound. The accuracy of the printer is a big plus, no one can challenge the preciseness. Not much modification will be required to print in the better quality but a mirror print plate is recommended for fine quality printing.

The easy to adjust parts will make the printer’s assembling2 very easy and it won’t take much time.

Things which could be better is the instruction manual, for a beginner, it might be difficult to assemble the printer, even the experts need to pay attention otherwise you might break any part. For Arduino board, adding an extra fan could help in cooling.

Overall a good printer for the beginners who want to get their first Aluminium 3D printer on a low budget.


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  2. Watch Video How to Assemble the 3D printer Kit

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