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Why Whatsapp is the best messenger application for Smartphone

whatsapp stats

whatsapp stats

Every mobile user wants to communicate with friends and family in cheap price and with the increasing use of Wifi and mobile internet packages, different messengers are replacing the traditional messaging service provided by mobile networks.


Some of the widely used messengers are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, WeChat, and Line messenger. In all these messengers progress of Whatsapp is better than all other messengers as they are introducing the latest features regularly.

Check these 15 best WhatsApp tips and tricks.

It is not possible to create fake accounts on Whatsapp because it is connected only by a registered and verified mobile number.

Earlier Facebook announced that they have 2 billion active monthly users and their messenger alone have about 1.2 billion monthly active users. Now Whatsapp also shared its stats and they claim that they have over 1 billion daily active users.

1.3 billion monthly active users who have crossed the Facebook messenger application which is part of the biggest social media network around the world.

Moreover, Whatsapp report says that 55 billion messages are sent per day using Whatsapp service whereas 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos are shared on Whatsapp on a daily basis.

This shows how popular WhatsApp messenger is all around the world. You can download WhatsApp messenger for different devices from here and learn how to install WhatsApp.


Other than text messages you can also send recorded audio clips that are very famous among users as it saves a lot of time which they need to write a message. Whereas in voice clips it only takes a few seconds to complete the audio clip and they convey their full message in less time.

WhatsApp also informs users when their message is sent with a single tick, then when the message is received by the recipient it again informs the sender about this by showing a double tick mark.

Finally, when the recipient reads the message, WhatsApp applications show a blue tick mark with the message which means that the user has read the message.

By default, you can use only one WhatsApp account on a single mobile but there are few hacks that allow the user to use two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile phone. We will discuss these methods later.