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Eugene Speaks after Kaspersky Lab Accused of Assisting Russian Spies

Eugene Kaspersky

Usually, many computer users and IT related persons believe that few of the Anti Virus and Anti Malware products are spying on users illegally. This could be true for some unknown or low-quality products but recently U.S authorities have claimed that World’s one of the best Internet security and Antivirus company Kaspersky Lab (KL) assisted Russian spies to get access to some “Top Secret” material from the home computer of a National Security Agency contractor who had installed the security software provided by Kaspersky Lab on his home computer.

Obviously, this was shocking NEWS that how such a well-known company could be involved in such illegal matters. After the news goes on air on U.S media, like me, many other people who have great concerns about their data security started searching about the news and its authenticity.

Thanks to the founder of company Eugene Kaspersky, who timely addressed this issue and refused all the false propaganda made by the media reports. He said that all such news is not more than a rubbish, there is no factual evidence provided in the reports and it is just another intentional attempt to damage the worldwide reputation of Kaspersky Lab.

He further said that such news leaks should have at least few evidence so that we can respond to such allegation with facts and logic.

All our readers can check the official response of Eugene Kaspersky on his blog with the title: ‘Proud to keep on protecting – no matter the false allegations in the U.S. media’.

In his response, he further said that:

We recognize that some people think ‘Russian cybersecurity company’ are three words that shouldn’t be in the same sentence, especially these days. Still, the motivations behind recent reports, while intriguing, cannot be our concern. Instead, we need to focus on doing everything possible to be as transparent as possible for our most important stakeholders: our customers and partners.

He also mentioned in his response that the main concern of Kaspersky Lab is to provide security to its users from all types of online threats and KL has nothing to do with the geopolitical tense situation. He proudly announced that the company is doing something right that is why they have strengthened their partnership with INTERPOL and they are fighting against the cybercrimes in an effective way and KL will keep doing the right things to provide security to is loyal users from any cyber attack no matter from where it comes from.

Eugene Kaspersky has further said that all our products and databases are accessible and all the older versions are in backups, so if anyone wants to make such claims he should tell us in which module of which product they have found such suspicious code and Kaspersky Lab is open to investigating such things. He further said that we will also welcome any IT experts and security observers to check our modules, products, databases and all the code.

After this explanation from the founder of the company, I am completely satisfied with the working of Kaspersky and I am still a proud user of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017.

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